It’s here! The Your Guide to a Happy Life Workbook has been released on Amazon. If you ever wondered why things have not gone as well as you had expected in your life, maybe it’s because there are issues holding you back that you aren’t aware of. In this workbook, written by Paul Moore, we look at several areas that affect a person’s ability to go ahead in life and become the man or woman they were meant to be. The workbook looks at core issues in a person’s life to determine where things need to be changed. The workbook is simple to understand, yet its precepts and lessons are profound and liberating. There are only nine chapters in the workbook and each one will open our eyes to what needs to change in order  to have a joyful and fun-filled life.

If you have issues with mental illness and are under the care of a psychiatrist or other healthcare professional, please tell them what you are doing concerning this workbook. I also offer counseling based on the workbook which I offer at a price of 25.00 an hour. There are spaces and time for me to do this with you. We would do the workbook over the Internet via a Skype conversation. You can email me a request for more information at 

Click on the book cover to go to to order the book. You may have to search for the book if you are in another country. American citizens you can click HERE to purchase the book. It is available in download or print.

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