This Boy Can’t Help It Paul C Moore

This book is a story of my life thus far. It includes excerpts of what happened to me during the twenty-eight years I spent in organized religion. In that time, I met some nice, well-meaning people, but I also met some very sick people. Some of these people were laity others were leaders. I met some very toxic leaders in some of the Messianic circles and Christian Churches I attended. I concluded that most in this system of religion have little or no desire to actually follow God, much less have a relationship with him.

I met people who would have taken the eyes out of my sockets and come back for the holes. Their behavior was evil, mean and cruel. They had no heart for God but only desired to suck money and time out of their faithful followers. Many people were destroyed in the swath of their ministry and to date, many people don’t recognize these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I include what happened in the formative years of my life and how toxic religion and the people in it became. I really thought the Church served to heal the broken and raise up those who were slated for death. In my experience with Churches and Church people is that their behavior only aggravated the situation. You either sink or swim and what I saw was a lot of sinking people.

I also offer hope at the end of the book by sharing with the reader some of the lessons I have learned from my life of fifty-five years. If you are looking for a different perspective on God, and want to see first hand what it was like for me to go to Church, and eventually come out of it as a true believer, then this book is for you. God Bless you and may you learn what is really going on down here on Earth and how toxic is the system of religion.

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