The Wealthy Christian Released on Amazon by Paul C Moore

The Wealthy ChristianHave you ever wondered why some people seem to go ahead in life, gaining more and more money? Have you ever wondered why there is a smaller and smaller piece of the pie left over for you and your family? For many of us we pay our tithes, we go to Church faithfully, we do all the things we should do as Christians, yet we still lack a lot of things especially true happiness, contentment, and prosperity. God wants us to have an abundance but for some reason money eludes us. The more we run towards it, the faster it runs away from us. Why is this? If we are doing all that we can to have money, why isn’t it coming to us? In his book, The Wealthy Christian, Paul C Moore goes into depth about proper tithing, accessing God for an abundant life, and learning the Laws that will bring us true prosperity. The Wealthy Christian was written for those of us who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We know there must be more and we want more. The Wealthy Christian shows us how to have more, to have an abundance and never feel lack again. It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and get to the one who holds the combination to God’s treasure chest and start living the life you only dreamed of. You can have it all if you follow the what is presented in this book. You don’t need to have a fancy job or career, just a desire to open your heart to God and let him teach you the truth from The Wealthy Christian. The book costs $4.99 or less in some markets which is a pittance for the valuable knowledge found within its pages. You owe it to yourself to purchase this wonderful resource to enable you to have the prosperity and abundance you so desperately deserve.

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As the last millennia comes to an end, never has there been such a time as this. God wants his people prepared, at peace and prosperous. We need to be out of debt and we need to experience the abundance of God and have a true abundance of wealth in our lives. We can’t live without money and we can’t truly experience an abundant life until we read The Wealthy Christian.

God Bless you,

Paul C Moore