The Reason For Every Season

The reason for every season.

All is still in Heaven
All is still on earth
At the time
Of Messiah’s birth

It didn’t happen
On this day
But long ago
That’s why I pray,

Dear Father heal us
And help us grow
So that the world
Will truly know

Why your son was sent
And left his home
To come to ours
So we wouldn’t roam

He wants us all
To come to him
To be so happy
Cause we’ve grow so dim

Our light is out
We just don’t care
That God the Father
Is everywhere

Father is waiting
Won’t you come
To receive the blessing
Of his only son

He’ll heal your hurts
And make you smile
He’ll go with you
That extra mile

Turn to him
While there is time
He wants that no one
To be left behind

Come to him
Warts and all
He died and bled
He took your fall

One thing I’ll leave you
One thing to know
That the Father’s love
Never grows cold.