The Five Fold Ministry: Where We Went Wrong

Five Fold Ministry

The Five Fold Ministry – Where we went wrong.

The five fold ministry is not a post describing how each of the members of the five fold ministry work, but how the Pastors in the Christian ministry of many congregations do not foster the involvement of the five fold ministry which includes the role of Pastor plus the other four offices: Prophets, Evangelists, Apostles, and Teachers. In any given assembly in a Christian Church, there are many who possess these offices, yet because the calling or gift in them is not being stirred up or encouraged, these people sit week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, doing nothing but spending their time warming a pew. Thus, the whole congregation suffers and the five fold ministry is never initiated.

Here is the problem I see with most Pastors in the modern day Church. They want to control everything. Nothing happens without their approval. The flow of God’s Spirit, the source of life is choked by the Pastor’s desire to run everything. He does not want the five fold ministry working in his Church, it poses a threat to him, a very big threat.

No one knows what a real and true Godly assembly looks like because, as it has been said, no one is seeking God; we all have our own agenda. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes. The devil has pulled the wool over the eyes of Pastors and their flocks by making us think that giving to a Church is synonymous with giving to God. Nothing could be further from the truth! Many Pastors fear losing their congregants because this will affect their tithe base. If membership goes down, so does the amount of money a Pastor makes. If the truth be known, members of the five fold ministry have no command from the word of God to be compensated for the work they do for God. They all should be holding down jobs. Think about it, five offices, five people, yet one man, the Pastor, feels he should do everything. One man is trying to do the work of at least five people. This is why Pastors burn out and some may fall into temptation with pornography or other negative behaviors. Everyone suffers from this non-working modality. The Pastor, his wife, their children and the congregants.

So, what is it that needs to be done? How can we reverse this very toxic and devastating way of holding a gathering of people? Where does it say in the word of God to a Pastor, “thus you shall go into an assembly and rant and rave for an hour and a half, and thus you shall involve the congregation in all of your endeavors, and thus you shall…” No! It doesn’t say that. Pastors have missed the mark. They have sinned against God and against the congregants by promoting an agenda that does not have the will of the Father in mind. OK, enough about how wrong it is. How do we make it right?

Pastors need to let go of the reins of their assembly. They need to let go and let God. They have to allow God to take over and let him do what he needs to do. Pastors have got to stop living off the avails of other people. They need to share their workload with other members in the body, the five fold ministry. In doing this, they will free up time to work, take care of their families and the needs of others. Pastors are far too busy involving themselves in so much that eventually things go awry and the bottom falls out of it. This may not happen quickly as God is waiting patiently for a people who will listen to him and learn from him. A Pastor who desires to make copious amounts of money by preaching a false Gospel, a Gospel that says, “Give to me” is in danger of the lake of fire. If he continues to ignore the calling of the other four offices of the five fold ministry, he may find himself on the outside looking in.

Many people in organized religion know that something isn’t right. Think about it: the devil only has the same amount of tricks up his sleeve that he had when he caused Adam and his wife to sin in the Garden of Eden. There is nothing new that he has to offer humanity, yet some people think, “Oh my! Look what the devil is doing around the world! He sure is a one big bogey man.” No, he isn’t a big bogey man at all, he is a liar and the father of lies, and he has done a very good job of misleading people in religion.

If you were to ask God the question: “Who controls the Church? Is it led by the Holy Spirit?” Brace yourself, God would tell you that the devil owns the Church, he runs it. Satan set up religion and many are doing the devil’s work of going nowhere, and accomplishing nothing.

Think about it: we are so apathetic towards the unborn in the womb who are being murdered every day in abortion clinics in our own city, maybe in our own neighborhood. Lately people were kicking up a stink over the sale of fetal body parts by Planned Parenthood. The sales are going forward, but no one is talking about it now. No one cares. Through his lies and deception, the devil has created a system for Christians where no one gives the slightest concern about anything. They are too splintered and separated to make any difference. I fear that we have passed the point of no return, that we are too far gone to make any difference on this planet. We are using a Church set-up that truly does not promote any intimacy with God at all. We’re too busy in our own lives and have too many cares of this world to make any difference.

Our only hope and prayer is to call on our Father in Heaven and ask him to show us where we are believing any lies and to deliver us from every lie we believe. As the layer of lies comes off us, we may be able to fight against the devil’s system of religion and come out of it. That means leaving Church, Mosque and Synagogue to cultivate a true and eternal relationship with our father in Heaven and appropriate the work his Messiah accomplished for us on the tree. Humanity is on a very slippery slope downwards. It’s like were all in a daze, not knowing who we are, where we are going, who runs the show, and what the storyline to this life really means. To be honest, it’s all about love, God is love, but Yeshua (Jesus) said himself, “The love of many will grow cold in the last days.” People are lovers of themselves, their only concern is the time they spend on their pleasures. Little thought is given to the homeless, the poor, the sick, the widow, the orphan, the naked, the hungry, those in prison, and all other people who society and our religious systems have turned their backs on.

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to make your life count for something? Listen to me: You will never fulfil your calling by sitting in a Church or any other religious institution. If they don’t have the five fold ministry in effect, then first things first: LEAVE your Church, stop attending any services, whether it be Christian, Muslim or Jewish. People used to say to me that when you leave Church it’s like being taken out of the fire and you, being the ember, will burn out. This is basically saying that one would be backslidden if they left Church and most likely would go to hell. This is a multi-faceted lie. One, you aren’t in a fire when you are in the Church, you are under a murky, polluted water of religion that has people treading water. Many are submerged in this vile concoction of man’s tradition, pride, conceit and spiritual vomit. Two, instead of being taken out of the ‘fire’ God is removing you from the filth of the devil. He is cleaning the religious slime off of you, (Just like what happened to Neo in the movie The Matrix) he will reprogram you and light a fire in you that burns for him and his Holy Torah – Messiah Yeshua. (The word became flesh and dwelt among us.) Three, you will NOT, I repeat, NOT be a backslidden believer. You will be one of the few people that is privileged enough to have God remove you from a non-working system and into his marvellous light. Four, you will not go to hell. God wants to give you an abundant life both here on earth and then in heaven. For once, you will be living in his will for you and humanity. This will be a very exciting time for you. There are others out there and God will put you in touch with them. We are called the remnant, a people God spoke about who would emerge out of the vileness of this world’s religious systems and other corrupt systems and are being brought into his Kingdom.

I can assure you, this may be a very lonely time for you. Christians are controlled by the devil, as are Muslims and Jews. They will make fun of you, harass you and put you down. They will criticize, judge and condemn you to hell; some may even put us to death while thinking they are offering God service, Messiah said this would happen. Unless the Father wakes them up, they will perish. God gets to decide who will and who will not have the privilege of being woken up and entrusted with his will to reach the lost – those in Churches, Mosques and Synagogues and anywhere else his children are being held in holding patterns.   

You will have to start spending quality time with your father in Heaven. This means going to him everyday for fellowship, reading his word and praying to him. Don’t share this ‘new-found faith’ with too many conventional believers – they will hate you. They really believe that they are the ones who are doing the will of God when, in reality, they are doing the work of the devil. Leave them, they are blind guides, lost in a world they know nothing about, brainwashed, lied to and swimming and breathing in every lie sent to them. Yes, the devil has done a very good job of controlling the masses. He has done this through the governments, the social system, and religion. I am not afraid of the devil showing himself to me as a big, ugly, terrifying entity, No, I’m afraid of falling for his lies. Humanity has accepted his lies into the very fibre of their being. That is why so many are sick physically, mentally and spiritually. If you have made it this far, I can assure you, father is working on you. May God bless you with intimacy and knowledge of him and his will for you. I love you, Paul.