Spiritual Metamorphosis: Becoming a True Believer

Beautiful Butterfly

Spiritual Metamorphosis

Becoming a True Believer

In the life of a butterfly there are four stages, the first is the egg, next the larva, then the pupa and finally the adult. Butterfly eggs are usually found underneath leaves. The leaves that the parent butterflies lay their eggs on are the leaves that the tiny larva, when hatched from the egg, will eat to make themselves grow.

Now let’s look at the first state of a believer’s life from the example of the egg. Many believers, when they come to faith in Messiah, are put into an egg environment (an assembly) where they stay and hopefully begin the process of coming out of the world and into the Father and Son’s glorious light. This is like growing inside the egg for the butterfly.

Keep in mind that many new believers, for some reason, stay in the egg and never come out of that environment. They never mature to the point where they are ready to go on to the next stage of growth. They like the comfort of their assembly, yet never venture outside the four walls of their initial state of habitat.

Fortunately for some believers, God moves them on to the next phase of their lives, the larva. Butterflies, that are in the larva stage eat and eat and eat. They consume everything in their path. A believer who has been born into the right ‘leaf’ (assembly) will now begin the process of consumption – consuming the word of God. They will read and read and read and thus begin the process of digesting and growing spiritually from the word of God. The problem develops when a believer, who comes out of the egg environment, finds themselves in an environment where there is little consumption going on or there is nothing to eat. By that I mean that they are not taught and fed true biblical teachings, but instead, are taught heresy or a man’s opinion. A spiritual leader should always promote an individual in the larva stage to learn from ALL of God’s word and try to objectively teach the student (larva) instead of showering them with tradition or opinions.

It is during the larva stage that one engages the process of discipline and searching the word of God for its truth and merit. There are many believers who get hung up on following a man or become satisfied only with hearing about God at a service once a week. They never come to the place where they learn the process of rightly dividing the word of God, nor do they care to. Instead, they are satisfied with, “If my religious leader says it, I believe it!” They forget that the leader is simply a man who can be wrong in what he teaches.

So, because the budding believer (larva) never reaches the place where they are ready to go to the pupa stage, they never attain true maturity and have to be constantly fed the milk of the word, instead of solid food. They engage in many traditions, not even knowing why they do the things they do. “My leader does it and that is good enough for me.” 

The next stage of the butterfly is the pupa stage. It is during this stage that the caterpillar forms the pupa around themselves, this is known as Chrysalis, where the caterpillar starts the process of transformation known as metamorphosis. Within the chrysalis the butterfly’s old body parts are changing to become the beautiful body parts that make up the butterfly.

Very few believers ever experience the pupa stage of their lives. They either stay in the egg or larva state and yet, many never fully obtain the pupa stage. For a believer, going through the pupa stage is one of the greatest experiences that they will ever have. This stage is brought about when a believer begins to question their faith and what they have been told from the leader and compare it to the word of God. If they truly search and dig deep enough, they will learn many truths about God and his word. They will also learn about the many lies that have been passed on down to them through tradition, like pagan holidays and other things which have nothing to do with following God.

It’s in the pupa state that a believer may cut off all ties with other believers, so as to form true ideals and true doctrines based on the word of God. They will begin to feel what God feels and start the process of spending more time with Him. What happens is that they learn to discern the still small voice of his and engage in long talks and discussions with the Father about anything and everything.

It is during this stage that the believer is disciplined by God and will have much of their pride removed. These can be painful experiences for the believer, who by now has come out of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and all other world religions to embrace a true relationship with the Father through His Son, Yeshua (commonly, but incorrectly called ‘Jesus’).

This emerging ‘Butterfly’ believer has disassociated themselves with all forms of organized religion to embrace a true and meaningful relationship with his or her Father in Heaven. The traditions are gone, the lies are gone, and as the believer undergoes the final stage of metamorphosis, they emerge as soldier and servant of the most-high God, they are now in the fourth stage of their growth in God. They are adult butterflies, beautiful to behold, just like the Messiah. Their lives emulate the love of God and the compassion Messiah had for the lost. A believer in this stage knows that most people in organized religion are lost in lies and religious rhetoric.

This new believer has undergone the training from God the Father’s word and the school of hard knocks to have acquired an understanding of what God is doing on the earth, as his word says, those who seek God will understand everything.

Their past is just that, their past. They have forgiven those who have hurt them from their parents to friends, former religious leaders and siblings, everyone. There is no avenging themselves against anyone as they know that it is God who will fight for them. The promises stated in Psalm 91 are theirs for the taking as are all the promises and blessings outlined in fifth book of the bible called Deuteronomy.

They have come out from under the curse to live in God’s prosperity and abundance. This is accomplished through a desire to obey God and his word from the Book of Genesis to Revelation. Their love for God and his word are insatiable. The only thing that matters to them is the will of God, they have no agenda of their own. They only want to bring other people, Christians, Jews and Muslims and all others, into a true relationship with God.

Such people are warriors and have no fear of man or the devil. In fact, they have set their faces like flint against the devil and his schemes, so as to free those who are still caught in them. Adult believers have learned the art of caring and sharing with others. They have moved on from the milk of the word to solid teaching, solid doctrines and a true understanding of their life purpose and why they were put on earth in the first place.

As stated, very few people have arrived at this stage and as Messiah has stated, the harvest is ripe. The sad reality is that there is little true discipleship for any of us who are coming out of organized religion, and into the Father’s light and love. This is why it is so important to spend time with him every day and learn to discern that still small voice of his.   

An adult believer knows that their lives on earth are over shadowed by God the Father. They are led by the Spirit of God to do whatever God wants them to do. As stated, they have no fear of man or what man can do to them. They aren’t afraid of dying or suffering for the Kingdom’s sake. Their only desire is to do the will of the Father.

They have disciplined themselves, with the help of God, to seek the Father each day for their daily mission to help others. They read the bible, they pray, they fellowship with God and other like-minded people, they lay hands on the sick and watch them recover, they cast unclean spirits out of the demonized, and they do many more things thought humanly impossible. Such believers cannot be stopped by the devil and are totally enveloped in God’s mighty hand and held close to his heart.

God is calling all of us into this vibrant and exciting life. There are many who may desire it, but don’t have the determination to see it truly happen in their lives. They get stuck and want to stay stuck. They choose tradition and man’s opinions over God’s word and ways. I fear for such people who could have it all, yet settle for much, much less. If you are an egg or larva, I pray the following prayer for you.  

May you begin to search out that which is truly important to God and his Kingdom. May you start to question everything you have been taught or heard from a religious leader. May you begin to see how wonderful and complete God’s instructions and ways are. May you develop a passion for Messiah and his word, from Genesis to Revelation.  May you come out of this world and into God’s marvellous light. May you seek the Father and Son and begin to understand everything that is going on in this world. May Father bless you with everything you need to go through these four stages of growth. Amen.