This is our resource page to help you with many different aspects of your life. Abba, our Father in Heaven is your guide to a happy life and he wants you happy and enjoying the life he has given you. The information and books on this page WILL help you with the many aspects of living a life in this day and age. I have pulled some books from many sources including some Christian authors. Don’t prejudge this. There are some good books put out by many people in the different faiths.

Here are some links to websites we feel will help you grow in the knowledge of our God and Father. 

Since most of us truly are babes in Messiah, regardless of how long we have gone to Church or Synagogue, I recommend this site to anyone who will also admit that they are babes or babies when it comes to Torah. Click on the following link to go to Torah Babies.

Another fantastic site is called 119 Ministries which can be found at You will find many helpful teachings that will add to your learning.

The first book on our resource list is by Gary Chapman entitled The Five Love LanguagesThis book will explain where we went wrong in our failed relationships and how to make the necessary changes to ensure we maintain our present relationships. Gary’s book looks at the five simple love languages shared by all seven billion people here on planet earth. A love language is simply the way a person feels loved, the way they liked to be loved. The problem with many people is that after the honeymoon phase in a relationship, both partners go back to what we call their primary love language. If both couples have the same language that is great, but if they don’t, that is where the trouble begins. A couple that are in a relationship with each other who speak different love languages struggle with the question, “Why doesn’t she/he love me anymore?” When we were courting they showed me so  much love and now, nothing!” Therein lies the problem with most couples. If someone shows their love language to us and it differs from our own, we begin to question their love for us. This is NOT rocket science. We have to learn to speak to our spouse and other loved ones in the language they understand as love. As stated there are five love languages and the book goes into a lengthy explanation of each one. If you are struggling in a marriage, this book is a must read and it will answer a lot of the questions we have as to why things didn’t or aren’t working out. Click on the image of the book to order from Amazon.

The Five Love Languages













Another book that is very powerful is by Charles Capps entitled, The Tongue, A Creative Force. This book was instrumental in helping someone I knew overcome panic attacks and anxiety. The book, in a nutshell, states that many say what we have instead of having what we say. Some of the prayers on this site have been adapted from this book. A must read for those who speak negativity over themselves and others. Click on the image of the book cover to order from Amazon.

The Tongue A Creative Force















Another book that I would recommend is by Rev. George H Malkmus entitled, Why Christians Get Sick. This book changed the way I saw food. I was no longer eating for enjoyment, but for nourishment. This is a wonderful book that explains why so many people, believers (and I might add, unbelievers) get sick and die at an early age. The processed foods and chemicals are killing us. Click on the image of the book cover to order from Amazon.

Why Christians Get Sick














For anyone experiencing fear and panic, I would strongly recommend the following book by Kenneth Hagin entitled The Believers Authority. This book gives insight into the spirits of darkness that are responsible for bringing on certain types of panic and anxiety attacks. Click on the book image to order from

The Believers Authority












If you have issues that seem to haunt you and for some reason you can’t achieve happiness, the Your Guide to a Happy Life Workbook is a must read for you. It will challenge some of your core beliefs and help you to reshape your thinking. Click on the book cover to order from American citizens click HERE to order from

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The following short story is called Roy Boy and the Last Dandelion. It is a story of genocide and it’s undertones are drawn from World War II. It makes you wonder why anyone would have a desire to erase the lineage or any people or race from the face 0f the earth. The sad reality is that we need each other, all of us and when one of us suffers, we all suffer. Click on the book cover to order from American citizens click HERE to order from

Roy Boy New Cover Kindle 3