Prayers for the Bullied and Bullier

Prayers for Victims of Bullies: If you are being bullied, you do not have to go through this alone. God and his angels are here to help you. Say the following prayer out loud:

Father, I hurt so much from what this person (people) is/are doing to me. I don’t know how much more I can take. Help me to understand why this bully (bullies) is/are bothering me so much. Can you please bring them to their senses, gently, and if not gently, then show him who is the boss and that you don’t like the fact that this person(s) is bullying me. I am a beautiful creation. I am made in the image of you, Father; therefore I possess qualities and skills that are just like you. I know that many of your people were also bullied. Please help me to show love and kindness to my bully, just like your Son did to those who mistreated him.

I pray that you will open my bully’s eyes to seeing me as a beautiful person, someone who would make a good friend. Father, I don’t feel love, I feel so much hatred from these people, please Father, show them how wrong they are to single me out and do these things. If they are unwilling to stop, please give them a taste of their own medicine. May you deal with them. May you show them that they can’t do this to a child of yours. And when all is said and done and when the bullying is over, help me to let go of the hurt they caused me by forgiving them, not for their sake but for my sake because I don’t want to carry any unforgiveness in my heart.

Today dear Father, I am going to have a great day. Please put your angels around me and tell them to fight for me. I don’t have to be afraid, your love gets rid of all fear. Father, bless me, my bully and all bullies and their victims. Thank-you Father, in Yeshua (Jesus) name I pray. And one more thing, Father, help me to have a lot of fun today. Amen! (If you are a wit’s end, please contact someone who can help you through this time. It could be a teacher, parent, or even the Police. Don’t be afraid to share what you are going through, you don’t have to go through this alone.)  

Prayers for those who are bullies:

If you are a bully, please consider saying the following prayers to God: 

“Dear Father in Heaven, please forgive me for the hurt I have caused others by bullying them. I know that I have been hurt by others who have bullied me and now I forgive them and I turn away from my cruel behavior towards others. Father, I hurt so much and I have no one to tell my hurts to. Will you please adopt me as your son/daughter and show me how to love myself, you and others. I ask that you will deliver me from this addiction/desire I have to bully others. I realize that some of the people I have bullied could very well become good friends of mine, so much so, that they would be willing to die for me. I don’t know the power of your love; I don’t know love at all. Your word says that you are love, so teach me how to love.

As of today, I stop all bullying. I choose to show love to those who are physically or emotionally weaker than me. I ask that you help me to be kind and considerate towards those you put in my path. May you change me so much and put so much love in my heart for myself and others that I would be willing to lay down my life for my friends. Father, I thank you for a second chance. I won’t let you down. Please show me your ways and show me how to walk in them. In the name of Yeshua (Jesus) I pray. Amen.