A Letter From Paul To The Church

P= Paul G=God

P: What is the most important thing we can do for you?
G: Love me with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.
P: What is the next most important thing we can do?
G: Love your neighbor the same way you would like to be loved. That means you treat them with respect, respect their dignity, be patient with them, love them in the same manner my Messiah loved people.
P: Is there a way to find out how to do this in greater detail?
G: Yes, there is. I have some outlines and rules that help people to have loving and happy lives.
P: Where are these rules?
G: They are found at the front of the Bible, I condensed my rules to a happy life in the first five books of the Bible.
P: How can these or any rules help us to be happy? I mean I’ve been told that we’re not under the law, but under grace, so how can a bunch of old, outdated rules make a person happy? I don’t get it.
G: Do you believe in gravity?
P: What do you mean, believe in gravity? I believe in God, what does gravity have to do with anything?
G: Well, what would happen if you walked off of the roof of a twelve story building?
P: I’d fall to the ground and probably die. What does this have to do with anything?
G: Paul, gravity has a law, and if you push the limits of that law or break it, you could wind up losing your life. Why? Because you didn’t heed the law of gravity.
P: OK, but that’s gravity. Everyone knows that if I drop a brick from three feet in the air, it will fall to the ground. That’s a given. But how does a law to make us happy, if broken, result in death? I mean we live under grace, not law, Messiah did away with the law, so, how can it matter now?
G: That is a mistaken belief, Paul. I will ask you to define for me what sin, grace and forgiveness mean?
P: That’s easy, sin is resisting God’s grace, grace is God’s unmerited favor, and forgiveness is what God’s Son offered to us when he died on the cross. We’ve been forgiven and now there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.
G: Your definitions are different from mine. Sin is the breaking of any Commandment that is outlined in the rules from the first five books of the Bible. Grace is My ability to forgive someone for breaking one of my Commandments and forgiveness is the transference of the death penalty from the person who sins to my Messiah.

P: But we’ve been taught that the Old Testament Commandments are just that, OLD.
G: Paul, think about this, why would I go through such detail and great lengths, as to define, teach, reiterate and reiterate, over and over rules that bring people life? You said you agreed that if you didn’t heed the law of gravity a person could die. There are physical laws that govern people on the planet and most people are aware of them and live their lives in accordance to them. The laws or rules in front of the Bible are Spiritual Laws and they govern the moral conduct of mankind. Without adherence to these Laws people become sick, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and in every other way.
P: But there are so many Commandments there, it would be impossible to do them on a daily basis? That’s insanity.
G: Have you ever received a speeding ticket?
P: Yes, a couple of times.
G: Why did you receive them?
P: Because I went over the speed limit.
G: Could it be said that there is a law for speeding limits and if you break that law, you are fined a penalty?
P: Yes.
G: Think about this, is breaking the law of speeding in the Bible, or any other man made law in modern society? In fact, any major city has more laws, ordinances and by laws than my Laws could ever hope to out number and most of the laws in a city are required for the successful running of that city. Now move to a state level, or country level, there are thousands and thousands of laws. I have a little over 600 laws of which many do not apply to modern people at this time. So, to be happy it does not require a person to keep copious amounts of My Laws.
P: So, you recommend learning the Laws that will make me happy?
G: Paul, it’s imperative that you learn them. Why do you think the world is spiraling downwards so quickly? It’s because mankind has forsaken my Commandments and are paying the penalty for doing so. Until they repent of their sin (breaking my Holy Commandments) they will never experience how life was meant to be lived, never.
P: Thank you, God. I think I’ll find out what it is you want me to do.
G: Don’t start at the middle or end of the Bible. If a good book is very popular, shouldn’t one start to read it from the beginning?