I wonder…

I really wonder about what is going to happen to the Internet. Will it always be free to access information or will we have to pay for it, or will some aspects of it be banned from the web? What I question is will the sites that are promoting a true relationship with God, will they be outlawed or taken down, and sites that appeal to our broken nature become even more accessible, porn sites, death sites, drug sites, violent sites etc. I am beginning to wonder if that is one of the things that the anti-christ will impose on this world. Illicit sex will be everywhere as man continues to spiral down to depravity. For those of us who take for granted the many positive aspects of the Internet I believe that the dark side will manifest itself in a greater way. Many religious leaders have been caught in the web of pornography and are going nowhere and doing nothing or very little for our God. The wheat and tares will become much more pronounced in the next few years. You will see them in your churches, mosques and synagogues, a people with counterfeit love and using evil motives to get gain for themselves. This is already rampant in the Church and it is only going to get worse. Our world is growing darker by the minute.

So, what does one do? It’s time to get back to the basics. God was betrothed to a wayward wife, Israel, because she broke his Covenants time after time after time. God sent prophets to her many times, and Israel put many of these prophets to death. Today, many ‘prophets’ are telling us that things are going to get better. Rest assured, they are not.

We need to go back to the beginning of the book of the Bible and absorb and process what Father wanted us to know from the Commandments he gave us. These Commandments gave us life if they were obeyed, and the curse of disease and death if they were disobeyed. Look around you, look at the different countries around the world. Tell me, what do you see? Nations of abominations. There are five books of the Bible that you need to spend a lot of time in. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The Remnant, those who have been brought out of the world’s religious systems, will be the first to go into hiding. We will be oppressed and martyred while the members of churches, mosques and synagogues look on and scratch their heads, not knowing that a worse fate awaits them on the other side of life. A time will come that new versions of the Bible will be followed that is not God’s word, but half truths that will take many to a place they do not want to go. God’s word and the pursuit of those first five books of the Bible will be banned and those who are caught with them will suffer torture and death. This has happened to the two of the twelve tribes of Israel, Judah and Benjamin; it is coming to all of us. These five books will be removed from the Quran, the Christian Bible, and the Hebrew Bible. Get to the front of the book while you have time. Assimilate the words of these books into your being by reading them over and over. By doing this, God himself will teach you what you need to know. There is no way around this. Either you do this and live, or you will die, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.