Good bye Facebook

After several months I have come to the place where I no longer desire to keep my Facebook account. Had a lot of heated debates on there which accomplished very little. I grew tired of of the many horrible sights I saw and the many people who simply use the site for business. I do not like what social media has become and to me, many of the ‘social’ sites we have only foster anti-social behavior. Have you ever gone into a restaurant and watch two people who should be talking and enjoying each other’s company and instead they both have their eyes glued to their accursed cell phones? I think social media serves to keep people addicted to getting likes, loves, sad, angry and whatever else social sites use to engage their followers.

I grew up without social sites and I look forward to living life without them. They are just like drugs or alcohol or any other addiction. We get the ‘high’ of using the sites and feed off the interaction between people we don’t even know. I really thought that social sites would unite us closer together, but, if anything, I feel they are keeping us farther apart. I’ve lost a good part of my life by plugging into social media sites, only to find that they have left me high and dry. I look forward to living a more sane and sensible life without worrying what is trending or the latest meme that is supposed to change my life. It’s empty, more empty than a wine bottle in an alleyway. I’m done.