God’s Thoughts About the Orlando Shootings

I asked God what he thought about the Orlando shootings, and this is what he said to me:

“I love all people, gay or straight. I don’t like it when people show hatred against one another. Regardless if a person is gay or straight, many people on this planet are very sad and unhappy. The reason they are unhappy has to do with the reality that they aren’t following me. This can be said for Christians, Muslims and Judeans (Jews) as well. People want to do their own thing and care very little about doing things my way. My ways bring true peace and happiness, whereas doing things your way brings unrest and fighting.

There is nothing new under the sun and mankind is struggling to make himself the god of this world. In reality, there is only me, I am the only true God, yet, very few seek my counsel. If I tell you being gay is OK, people will be offended, if I tell you being gay is not OK, people will be offended. Life is much more important than advocating for a person’s sexual orientation. Life consists of caring for those who have nothing to eat or drink, those who have nowhere to live, who are in prison and have no one to visit them, who are sick and have no one to take care of them, who have no clothes.

People judge the external, I judge the heart. I condemn no one. All I ask is that everyone, Gay, Straight, Transgender, Bisexual, Christian, Muslim and Judean would come to me with their pain and hurts and allow me to heal them. I am your father and you are my children. I am a good parent. I sent my son to you not to start an argument, but to help humanity come to the knowledge of God. He paid the price for your redemption. I looked on his sacrifice for your sin and I accepted it. Will you not accept me, your father? If you are Gay, come to me. If you are hurting come to me. If you have any type of hurt I want to heal it. Many stand afar off from me because my name, and who I am, has been so poorly represented. No one knows what I am really like anymore, no one.

Would you like to know me? I tell you the truth, many will wake up one day to find out that they missed the opportunity to have a deep, wonderful and transforming relationship with me. Come to me now, I want to hold you, rock you to sleep while singing you love songs. I want to do this with each and everyone of you. I have nothing but good for you if only you would come to me. I am waiting. Your father, your dad, your friend. I love you and I understand you.”