Awakening Vs Revival Now Published on Amazon Paul C Moore

Awakening Vs Revival is my new book which was published on February 28, 2018. This book goes into the struggle that many are facing when it comes to organized religion. Many believe that at the end of time there will be a great revival and God is going to come and rescue all the believers who call on the name of the Lord. The sad reality for most of these believers is that few if any have adhered to God’s Holy Commandments as spoken through the Prophet Moses by God himself. If the truth be told, there are more red letters of God speaking in the Old Testament than the words that Jesus spoke in the New Testament. And God said to Moses, and God said to Moses. There are multiple Books in the Torah (the first five Books of the Bible) with many chapters where it is God speaking directly to the children of Israel or speaking through Moshe. (Moses real name) pronounced ‘Moe-sha’.

Awakening Vs Revival reveals why our religious systems are in tatters with no one to lead the people. Religion is a business and always has been since the Catholic Church got started and even before then with the Jews who were buying and selling in the Temple of God.

The author goes into detail as to where the concept of a Church service began and how things unraveled to the point where today there is so much darkness in the Christian faith that it is next to impossible to have a relationship with God. Awakening Vs Revival addresses the deep need for people to limit or cut off their ties with organized religion and to cultivate a relationship with God on their own. Here is an excerpt from the book,

In 325 C.E., the Roman Emperor Constantine held and presided over the Council of Nicaea. Among those who attended were three hundred and eighteen Bishops, all of whom had no Hebrew or Jewish heritage. It was during this council that the Seventh-day Sabbath was changed to Sunday in honor of sun-worship.  The doctrine of the Trinity was formulated. The Christian holiday Easter was decreed among other formulated man-made rules. It’s important to note that Constantine was not a believer. The rise of the Roman Catholic Church for which many Churches still uphold its teachings and doctrines was formulated out of a political ideology. It had nothing to do with God. Constantine was trying to breathe life into his faltering kingdom and he wanted to use Christianity to help him succeed.

Constantine failed as did Christianity – miserably.  A further council saw the forbiddance of Christians to celebrate the Passover with the Jews. Each new ruling that was made Canon Law by the Catholic Church was backed up by the military might of the Roman Army. You did, or you died. There is a video on YouTube that addresses this issue. It’s called ‘80 Popes Tortured and Killed 50 Million People’. I shudder to think what will happen to those popes when they stand before God. During the torturing of innocent people, the louder the victims screamed and writhed in pain the greater it was believed that the victim was delivered from evil.

The Church had its start in death, torture, lies, dominance, and hatred – hatred for the Jews and God’s Holy Instructions. Today, many of the people who say they follow God believe that God did away with the Instructions also called the ‘Law’ in the Bible. They say this occurred when Messiah was nailed to the tree. The reason many Christians believe this has to do with the writings of the Apostle Paul. They have made the mistake of taking one line of Scripture and making it support a complete doctrine or set of beliefs.
There is so much we don’t know and simply take at face value. We believe every word that comes from the mouth of our Pastors without ever searching what is said in the Scriptures. We are steeped in lies and the tradition of man, and should one person try to get out of the mess, they are ostracized, condemned and made fun of. I know I experienced the mocking from a close personal friend when I was trying to explain to another Christian on Facebook the importance of keeping the dietary laws. I was getting nowhere with the Guy, he had a scripture out of Timothy that was taken out of context and was using it to support his erroneous belief that the letter to Timothy made it clear that we can eat pork and shellfish. My friend posted, “Blah, blah, blah…I dig pig…” and then he went on to say we should all try to get along with each other and love our brother. By the time the discourse was over, the guy I was trying to teach wanted to go to my friend’s house for a pork roast. They became buddies. I was so upset by their blatant arrogance, cockiness, and pride that I blocked both of them for quite a while. They were basically high-fiving each other while mocking me in the process.

The sad reality is that the Christian who I was showing why it’s important to abstain from eating pork and shellfish called himself a graduate from Bible School. He felt he knew all there was to know about the subject and instead of trying to reason with me, he chose to mock and make fun of me. He told me that his only source is the bible and wouldn’t hear of any talk or teaching that was contrary to his belief system. Christmas and Easter are pagan holidays and to learn the truth about such holidays, you have to look outside the Bible to find out what happened and where these two holidays originated.

And such is the state of most Christians. If they are shown something new or something that challenges their erroneous belief system, they usually choose to tell you that you are judging them, or they start to mock you. The same can be said for Islam which is another man-made religion.

Awakening Vs Revival talks about the deep rift there is between God and those who say they call on his name. Few if any desire to be awakened and should you try, all you get is a backlash. If people are so sure that they know what they are talking about, prove me wrong. The Seventh Day Sabbath has never been changed to Sunday. A man was responsible for that. If you ask a charismatic Christian if they adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church they will vehemently deny it. Yet, they hold onto many of the teachings of the Catholic Church, the change of the Sabbath Day being one of them.

In Awakening Vs Revival, the reader is challenged to dig deeper and to investigate the meanings of words. They are admonished to be Bereans and investigate and question everything they have been told. We’ve settled for the lies and traditions of man. There is no one who seeks God, no, not one. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If you think you are an elite Christian believer and you desecrate the Sabbath on a weekly basis, eat pork and shellfish and other unclean creatures, desecrate God’s Holy Feast Days and Appointed Times, and observes Christmas and Easter, you are a fool. You can say you’re saved your entire life, but your faith is built on sinking sand. And one day you will stand before a very angry God who will punish you based on your refusal to obey his Commandments.

Awakening Vs Revival will leave you with one choice: Repent or get off the pot. It doesn’t matter if we call ourselves Christians, Jews or Muslims, if we forsake God’s Commandments in lieu of our false beliefs and traditions we will never make it to the promised land. We will either be sent to the Lake of Fire which no man, woman or child would ever want to go or if God spares us, we will find ourselves outside the Holy City of God, the New Jerusalem for eternity. Awakening Vs Revival goes into the concept of one finding themselves outside of the Holy City.

God wants his children to experience an awakening in their lives as to who they are and who he is. A revival is temporal and lasts for a season, whereas an awakening lasts a lifetime. A revival is a corporate event while an awakening is very personal, it’s between you and God. A revival will never save the world whereas if enough people experience an awakening there can be a paradigm shift in our thinking and we may be able to thwart some of what is coming down the line for us.

You may ask, “what does it mean to be awakened?” The answer rests partly with what is written in this post. We have to go back to the basics and stop labeling ourselves with words like “I’m a Pentecostal.” “I’m Baptist.” “I’m a Catholic.” We have to become one with each other like Jesus prayed in John 17.

Bottom Line:

You think you’re a scholar without ever having studied? You think you can twist scriptures based on erroneous interpretations? You think the New Testament replaced the Old Testament? You think the Messiah nailed His Torah to the cross, thus making it null and void? You think you don’t have to follow the Instructions of God (Torah) because you have faith? Your faith means nothing without doing the works of God and those works include obeying God’s Commandments. We can’t just sit on our blessed assurances and live in a fairytale world and think God is going to bless us because we go to Church, pay our tithes and run off the mouth with our ‘vast’ knowledge of scriptures that we quote to people.

God is not colly waddling his children any longer. It’s time to get in your face and with everything in me to tell you: WAKE UP!