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Awakening vs Revival

Awakening Vs Revival

Awakening vs Revival is my latest work. It contrasts the difference between the personal experience of an awakening vs the corporate experience of a revival. In the book, I explain that many revivals that have occurred over the years simply end and for no reason. Could an awakening be greater than a revival? See and read for yourself.

Many in the Church have prided themselves on their previous revivals with great fondness. The sad reality is that there are currently no revivals in North America. Many believe that there will be a great revival that will happen that will bring many into the fold. I have not seen that in the scriptures. The Bible talks about a remnant of people who will be saved from this current time period. They will be people from all walks of life. Former Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists and anyone who is willing to have a relationship with God.

The sad reality for most people, Jews and Christians alike, is that we are caught in a web of lies and traditions which blocks us from having a true and intimate relationship with God. Christians will tell you that they know all there is to know about God because they have the Messiah, Jesus. Jews will tell you they know all there is to know about God because they have the Torah. The truth is neither people groups have a true relationship with God. The Christians have said God did away with the Torah (Book of Instructions) when he nailed Jesus to the cross. The Jews have added so many traditions and man-made commands to the Torah that they have made it of no effect. So, neither Jews nor Christians have the true Messiah, Yeshua (his Hebrew name which means ‘salvation’ in English) and neither follow the true Torah.

What will happen to such people at the time of Messiah’s appearing? I truly believe they will end up in a place that will make them very unhappy. The book goes into the final resting place of those who neither follow Torah or Messiah, Yeshua.

Why do I use the term, ‘Unknown God’? It’s because most of us in this day and age truly do not know God, who he is, or what he is like. Christians have made the Messiah and God out to be Christians. Jews hold fast that he is a Jewish God. The truth is, he is neither Christian nor a Jewish God in terms of present-day Judaism. Both people groups have sinned against God either by adding to his words or taking away from them. Christians cannot expect Jesus to bring them to salvation, nor can Jews expect that their keeping of copious amounts of tradition will give them salvation.

An awakening as stated is a very personal experience. It’s between you and God. A revival comes and goes leaving little or no positive effect on current day believers. A revival appeals to a person’s desire to have fun at a Church or other assembly. Whereas an awakening will take a person off the beaten path and allow God to revive their spirit and put them on the narrow path to life. If you never experience an awakening and seek only for revival, you will miss what God wants to do with you. Like I said, revivals are temporary. An awakening will last a lifetime.

The cost of the book will be about $2.99 and will be about fifty pages long. It will be available in the next month, probably somewhere near the end of February or early March. If everything works out, I may have it available sooner.

The book will be available on the Amazon Kindle Platform. If you don’t have a Kindle reader, that is okay, you can download the free Kindle app which enables you to read Awakening Vs Revival on any device. You can read it on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. You can also read other books like Awakening Vs Revival or any book on the Amazon Kindle platform. Pick up a copy of the book when you are able and it is available. I think you will find it a very good read. To download the free Kindle Reader App, click on the following link Amazon Free Kindle Reader App If you enjoy Awakening Vs Revival, stay tuned for more books like that from me.

There is another book I have written that gives a look into who I am and some of the experiences I have gone through in my life. The book is called, This Boy Can’t Help It and is also available from Amazon. If you would like to view all of my written work you can go to my Amazon Author Page to view all of my books and stories.

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I hope my books will help you to understand where we have come from and where we are going. To experience an awakening, one must be empty of pride and be willing to be taught. God Bless you.