Awakening Versus Revival

Awakening Versus Revival

Awakening…the process of coming to a real and true understanding of God and his Torah. Revival…conjuring up hype to prolong the inevitable: it’s dying. I know many believers who call themselves Christians are very proud to go by that title, but if we look at what is happening on the earth today we see that Christianity is in a state of decline. It’s not that the people have had the wool pulled over their eyes and are suddenly on a path to hell, no, they are tired of the status quo or the same old same old and they are leaving the Church in droves. I have heard many, many sermons or messages in my life, I have heard many Pastors go on for hours and hours trying to make a point or get a point across to a people who have literally fallen asleep or are struggling to keep awake during the preaching. In most cases it’s the converted speaking to the converted who don’t need a long winded message about a Pastor’s opinion that has little or no relevance to their lives whatsoever.

Going to a Church to hear a sermon or have a bible study does not necessarily mean the recipient is going to grow from what is presented. It’s like a mixed bag from a variety store, or as Forrest Gump puts it, you never know what you’re gonna get. Most of the sermons and teachings I have received from Pastors and other individuals have been sporadic in their flow. Very few  addressed the issue I had as a young man who grew up with domestic violence, an alcoholic father and divorce. I am grateful that I survived those things, but I didn’t receive my healing from a Church or Pastor. Instead, I had to search for the truth and do the work of forgiving those who had hurt me.

What does this have to do with revival versus awakening? The answer is everything. For those who have become disillusioned with modern day Christianity we see that such a system no longer suffices for the deep need we have for acceptance and love. I found in my 28 years of experience of Church and Synagogue attendance that there was little emphasis on actually healing the person and allowing them to grow as our Father would like them to grow. If they came into an assembly with lots of zeal it was usually squashed to the point where the new person became like the old: dull and boring.  There was a lot of control from the leadership which did not promote growth and exploration. Our Father in Heaven is so big and vast, yet we settled for boring and mundane services, preached by boring and mundane Pastors who treated the assembling of the brethren as a business, rather than a ministry.

So what is an awakening? How does this differ from revival? When a person experiences an awakening it will draw them closer to the Father. They will start to see things very differently than they did before. They will actually start to mature in their walk with the Father. They will see how Christianity will never be able to help them; this is true for Judaism as well as Islam. These three religions are just that, religions. Religion has no place in the Kingdom of our Father. An awakening in a person’s life enables them to see the truth: the truth of their existence, their purpose, what is really going on down here and who runs the show.

A revival is done under the premise of Christianity. It promotes this system of division and fizzles out in time, where as an awakening gathers momentum. I see revival as a corporate experience whereas an awakening is a very personal experience. The individual seeks to reach out to others and help them come to the place where they too, experience an awakening. A revival might  give you goose bumps, but an awakening will enable a person to take hold of their lives and experience true spiritual prosperity. A revival will excite a person into joining the crowd. An awakening may cause someone to go alone to find the few other like-minded people that exist.

Humanity has been in a state of deep sleep and has been sleeping for thousands of years. It was roused for a short time with the coming of Messiah, but went back to sleep with the emerging Roman Catholic Church. We have forgotten what life is truly about and how our Father in Heaven fits into the scheme of things, or more appropriately, how we fit into his scheme of things. He runs the show, we will answer to him, we will give an account to him. I fear for those who have made money hand-over-fist from preaching a false Gospel. Our Father cares much more about a person’s character development and happiness than what is thrown into the offering plate. It’s not about the money, rather, it’s about fostering love between all people, regardless of age, race or religious persuasion and I might add, sexual orientation.

An awakening brings about a new perspective on this whole issue of religion. When one sees religion for what it truly is they can no longer go back to it. What’s wrong with my religion? You may ask. Well as I stated, religion separates and divides. If I’m a Pentecostal, I don’t associate with the Baptists. If I’m Baptist I don’t associate with the Catholics and if I’m a Torah Observant Messianic Believer, I tend to look down my nose at those who know nothing of the Torah. That being said, a true awakening in a person’s life will bring them into right relationship with the Father and his Torah. For some reason the Jewish believers take great pride in advocating their traditions and in some cases elevate them above the Torah. In other cases they have put fences around the commands of the Father and have made these fences equal to or greater than the commandments of the Father. Christians, on the other hand, have taken some scriptures that speak of the commands of the Father and nullified them. The greatest fallacy being that they believe and teach that our Messiah nailed the Torah to the cross thus making it null and void. In Deuteronomy the Father commanded the people to neither add nor subtract from the Torah. Jews have added to the Torah while Christians have subtracted from the Torah, neither are correct ways to have a relation with our Father. We can’t nullify the commands and say we love the Messiah, nor can we say the commands also have man-made elements that must be adhered to. When Messiah stated, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” He did not have a New Testament on his possession; he was talking about the commands of Torah.

If you can relate to what I am writing here then you too may be experiencing an awakening. If you don’t understand what is written here, but have questions, you may find the answers to those questions will lead you to an awakening. If you desire to heckle or criticize then you are not ready to be awakened, and that is OK. Our Father is very patient, he can and will awaken us all to the reality of who he and his Messiah are and where we all stand in the scope of man and our supreme being Father.

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