Alarming Interview With God



A conversation with my very down and depressed Father in Heaven.
I did not expect this conversation to go this way, I am at a loss for words.


P = Paul
G = God

P: Good morning Abba, how are you this morning?
G: About the same as we last talked.
P: You’ve sounded very depressed lately, very unhappy, do you want to share why this is?
G: As I’ve told you Paul, I have seven billion people on this planet who rarely, if ever, access me. Yes, they love to talk about me, my son, my word and ‘teach’ others about me, but they know nothing about me, much less my word, or my son. All my children delight in is war, murder, lying, debating (which accomplishes nothing), sin and wrongdoing. They honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They are more interested in amassing money, things, places of honor, power and completely forget about the things that please me.
P: Would you like to share a little about the things that please you, Abba?
G: What pleases me? Who cares about what pleases me? People put their spin on my word to support what they think pleases me. No one, yourself included, knows what it means to please me, no one.
P: Can you share with us what pleases you?
G: You need to go to a person who has no home, or place to stay, someone who has lost everything, someone who doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from, and ask them what pleases me. The poor of this planet hold a special place in my heart. I could care less about how much you know, or think you know about my word. I care only about mercy, compassion and little about your desire for a big home, or fancy car. I have very few followers on this planet, as most people only want to war and fight with each other. They push their beliefs about me down other people’s throats, to the point of killing them if conformity doesn’t happen. Their lives consist of taking revenge, making others pay for mistakes that they, themselves have committed, as well. Hypocrisy and the double tongue are alive and well on my planet. People want to make good impressions, but all they have is an empty facade that hides years of hurt and pain. You will have a very hard time accessing me when your mind is filled with hatred, revenge, disobedience, the love of money, and your apathy for those less fortunate than yourselves. What about child prostitution? What about those who kill the unborn? What about the war in Syria? What about that young girl who has just been raped? What about that young fatherless boy who is just now being introduced to crystal meth? What about the countless fatherless children who struggle with their sexual identity? What about the men and women who push their sexual orientation on these struggling individuals? Who wants to deal with that? I tell you, very, very few. If it were not for a few faithful followers on this planet, I would have wiped it out years ago. What pleases me you ask? I want unity, not division. I don’t want different denominations, I don’t want different religions, I want a people who truly care about their fellow man and share what they have with others. You will NEVER enter my Kingdom by keeping everything for yourself. If you are unwilling to share, I will withhold myself from you. If you are selfish and care only about yourself, how can you ever expect to enter my home? Here is what you get, by obeying me and putting me first: a peace like you have never known, assurance that I will never leave you or forsake you, you will put others first, while denying yourself, you will truly care about the plight of the unborn, you will have mercy, love and compassion for your family members, your children, your spouse, you will become a peace maker, you will learn what it truly means to love and forgive those who have wronged you. Without love in your heart, do you really think I will accept you?
P: Abba, these are very strong words and as I sit and read this, I feel so inadequate. All I’ve been concerned about is getting more money, so I can have an easier life, you know, get out of debt, pay things off and have a good life with my wife. What I see from what you said, my wants and desires are very different from yours. I always thought I was doing the right thing. I have given very little to the poor and have argued about you with others, I’ve sought to avenge myself on others, while holding them in contempt, I’ve done nothing the last thirty years to help the unborn. Nothing at all. What do I do, Father? Please forgive me.
G: You have your answer in this dialogue, but I am doubtful that you, or anyone else will do these things. Why? It’s because of your slavery to the prince of this world, yes a small light has come on in your mind, but now is the time to do something with what I have given you, your talents, your giftings and abilities, your resources, and yes, that means your money. Paul, if you and others never get on board with what I am doing on this planet, you may find yourself waking up in a perilous condition, much like those you have thus far failed to help. I am holding you and everyone else accountable to love and care for EVERYONE on this planet. EVERYONE. It starts with you, Paul.
P: I don’t know what to say, except help me to have love for the people you’ve mentioned, for everyone. Help me to do the things listed here.
G: Time will tell.

Note: I do not know when this actually happened in 2011, but during that year I spent a lot of time with God, simply talking to him. There were some nights I would talk to him for upwards of five hours and during that time, he started to speak to me in what the bible calls the still small voice. I thought I had lost this connection with him in 2012, when I rebelled  and turned my back against him, but he has been consistently talking with me since then. This interview shook me up and I am still reeling from it. I told my wife that I wish I had never asked him the questions I asked, because I truly was caught off guard by his answers.

One thing I am coming to know about my Father in Heaven, or at least think I’m coming to know, is that he is very hurt and angry about what is going on in this world. He has been very down and depressed when I ask him how he is doing, so much so, that I almost dreaded asking him how his day was. God desires this open line of communication with all believers, but in order to achieve this type of enlightenment from God, I think one has to diligently seek him. It is up to God to talk with a person, if he so chooses.

I have taken this gift he has allowed me to have of hearing from him very lightly. I haven’t pressed in to find out what he wants me to do and how to do it. I am going to seek him more to find out the direction he wants me to take. My prayer for all of us, myself included is that we will begin to really care about the things that he cares about. God bless you, Paul.