A Prophecy From God

American Flag

To the members of the United States, to those in power, to those who have stolen power, to those who are about to be destroyed and that without remedy.

You think that you can mock me with your lies and deceit forever? The axe is at the root and I am about to swing it. You will long for one of the old days when you would sit idle, drinking the blood of my people. Your house is desolate, your building of lies is about to collapse. Don’t believe that your position is secure, for I have raised you up, like Pharaoh, king of Egypt, for such a time as this. The frogs will depart from your leaders and I will cut them to pieces. I abhor your secret assemblies where you plot to overthrow my people in exchange for money and power. Do you really think that you could get away with this? Do you think I would hold a blind eye to your deeds forever? What you have plotted against my people will soon fall on your own head! Your plans of evil will take you completely out of the picture. I will destroy you. I will bring you down. I will bring your plans down on your own head.

Don’t think that you will be able to trust in your money and your military might for I will soon transfer your money out of your accounts and give it to those who are worthy of it. Your military, who you think will save you is the same military I will use to destroy all of you and your evil works. You have secured yourself by listening to lies from Satan himself and his kingdom is about to be shaken as well.

You have grown bold, arrogant and fat. You tell lies hour by hour, minute by minute to those who have itching ears. You do what your father, the father of lies, dictates to you, thinking that he is the way and the answer. Fools! You are blind and delirious, you are drunk with the blood of my people, from those you kill in the womb to those you send off to be murdered. The blood of every person who has been murdered in the past one hundred years will be required of you, it will fall on your own head. Your henchmen will die terrible deaths while my people rejoice.

You have put your trust in your money for far too long and tonight it will make wings and fly away. Your moth eaten riches are soon to be no more.

Your blood is required for your transgressions. You mock and laugh at me, thinking that your place is secure. You will totter and fall and I, in turn, will laugh and mock at you. My people will see you for what you really are: depraved and insane. Look! It’s coming, complete and utter destruction that will leave your seat of power desolate, never to be filled again.

My man for the hour will be used to shake this country and jolt my people back into relationship with me. I am coming soon and I am calling my people and waking them up. The days of lack and want will soon be over. The mouth of the Lord has spoken.