A Message to My LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters

A Message to my LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

I do not truly understand all of the perils a person faces in being a part of the LGBTQ community. I know that I personally used to lambaste homosexuals in my workplace years ago and I had an air of superiority when it came to individuals with a different sexual orientation. I worked at a restaurant where one of my co-workers was Gay and things did not go well for us. I was very judgmental and critical of him. At the time, I called myself a Christian and was filled with spiritual pride. In my mind, he was going to Hell and I was on the road to Heaven.

Looking back, I think that had I died in that state, I would not have made it to Heaven. I was pompous, arrogant, a know-it-all and I really thought I had an ‘in’ with God because I went to a Pentecostal Church, paid tithes and thought I had arrived when it came to having what I thought was a relationship with God. This particular co-worker, Robert (not his real name) and I fought continuously. I hated him and wished he was dead. After all, I was the Christian, to me, Robert knew nothing about God and I was the authority, or so I thought. That all happened in 1987. Going ahead to 2013, I was working at another restaurant and it was there that I had the opportunity to serve Robert and his boyfriend. I offered my apologies for being such an asshole back in the day and asked if he would forgive me for the hurtful way I treated him. I remember after he finished his meal, he came up to me and put out his hand. I shook it and he put his other hand over my hand and said, “Paul, everything is okay, it’s all in the past.” I was very grateful to hear those words and felt I had made a friend.

Again, looking back to that time with Robert, I didn’t realize how thin the ice was on which I was skating. To me, Robert was real and I was a fake, a phony and a person that most people, outside of church would not want to associate with. If I was me, I wouldn’t wanted to have associated with me either. I was such a jerk. I looked down on and judged everyone I came in contact with. So, today, I am offering up a HUGE apology to members of the LGBTQ community and hope that anyone I have hurt by my words could forgive me. My greatest desire is to see everyone on this planet happy and enjoying life and that includes my LGBTQ friends.

Life can be hard and so many of my former Christian friends, of which I used to be a part of, looked down on anyone who was different or didn’t seem to measure up to the standard of what people thought a Christian should be. In my travels through Christianity, I found several men who struggled with their sexual identity and these men would have wished that I shared that same persuasion. They called themselves Christians and desired to be intimate with me. I was very indignant with them, but in later years, I had struggles of my own.

Today, I desire that all people, and that includes my friends in the LGBTQ community, that we enter into a true relationship with God whereby we forsake the ideologies of Christianity, Judaism and Islam to promote love and harmony with each other. If the truth be told, there are major issues with every religion on this planet. The greatest being the reality that religion has served to keep us separated from each other. Meaning that if I am of a different denomination, chances are I would not associate with you and you won’t associate with me. I think I am beginning to truly grasp the old saying, birds of a feather flock together. And there are many strange birds out there, all claiming to be the one and to hell with all the rest.

This type of thinking leads only to more separation and judgment. No one can claim rights to God and I am beginning to realize he truly loves us all, LGBTQ, straight and everyone else. If the truth be told he doesn’t bear a grudge against anyone. All he desires is that we come to him and ask for his friendship in our own words and way and to begin to cultivate that relationship with him. I know that God’s words appears to condemn certain members of the LGBTQ community, but I really believe that my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community are going to experience an awakening as to who God really is and when they get even a glimpse of him, he will change their lives forever. Does this mean that my brothers and sisters will stop being LGBTQ? That’s none of my business. God wants us all happy and enjoying life and that enjoyment comes with having a father/son father/daughter relationship with him. A relationship with God is a very personal thing and no one has the right to tell another person what they think that person should or should not do. That’s the problem with most people in religion, they think they have the right to dictate to others what they can and cannot do. If the truth be told, life is like flying on an airplane that loses altitude and the little masks fall from the ceiling. We’re told to put the mask on ourselves before trying to help another person. The problem I see in religion is that we have tried to change everyone else while we ourselves are in a comatose state and are completely unable to do anything. We don’t see the bigger picture and we certainly do not know God who is the BIGGER picture.

Bottom Line:

God loves us all and that includes ALL members of the LGBTQ community.

God desires that all people would come to him for friendship and love.

God desires that ALL men and women would eradicate religion from their lives and truly embrace a relationship with Him, OUTSIDE the box of religion.