What is a Disciple?

What is a disciple? A disciple is someone who has learned something about the Messiah and His relationship with the Father and desires to be taught about them. A disciple is someone who is willing to lay down their intellect, knowledge, and understanding and, in a way, let their ‘knowledge bank’ be swept clean. In other words, we come to the place where we realize we know nothing and question everything. This page is my endeavor to take someone who knows a lot or little about following God according to God’s Commandments as found in the first five books of the Bible. Going forward, I must advise you that if you are going to allow me to make a disciple of you, then you must never accept anything I say to you, but you must research it and come to your own conclusion as to what I am presenting to you. Whether you are a seasoned Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, you will have to lay down your beliefs and be willing to accept a ‘different’ point of view as I express to you what I have come to know about God. 

For all three of these people groups Jewish, Muslim and Christian, there is a copy of the first five books of the Bible in each of your respective Holy Books. The Quran has it, the Christian Bible has it and so does the Jewish Bible have it.

The first thing we are going to identify is that neither group successfully adheres to these Commandments according to the word of God.




Let’s address Islam first. I do not see very many Muslims keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath, wearing tzit tzits, keeping the Feast Days, keeping the Sabbaths associated with the Feast Days, adhering completely to the dietary laws, or expressing a desire to be in Covenant with God. There are many things that Muslims have omitted from the word of God, or they simply choose not to follow the Commandments of God in their entirety. I do not know the reason for this.


Christians have access to the first five books of the bible, but seldom spend time reading or studying it. Many Christians have been taught that the teachings or Commandments of God from the first five books of the Bible have been nailed to the cross, thus are completely null and void. In believing this erroneous teaching, Christians do not keep the Seventh Day Sabbath, the Feast Days or the Sabbaths associated with the Feast Days, they do not adhere to God’s dietary Laws and justify the consumption of unclean organisms based on taking Scriptures written by the Apostle Paul out of context. They also have little or no desire to be in Covenant with God and basically do whatever is right in their own eyes. The Commandments of the first five books mean little or nothing to them and, again, Apostle Paul is quoted in a way to justify their disobedience to God’s Holy Commandments.


The Jewish people are the members of the first lifestyle faith of the word of God. Their ancestors were given the responsibility of teaching the Commandments of the first five books of the Bible, and were given the great commission to tell everyone about the Messiah and the New Covenant, as laid out in Jeremiah 31:31-34. Most people in the Jewish faith have never told anyone about Messiah because they simply don’t believe that he came. Thus, they have failed to carry out the great commission. In addition to this, they have put fences around God’s Commandments. By that I mean they have created commandments that are to be kept so one doesn’t break a Commandment, but instead of keeping God’s Commandment, in some cases, they have elevated their man-made commandments above the Commandments of God. Members of Judaism have done a great deal of adding to the Commandments of God and have added a lot of tradition to their faith in God.


So, we see here that all three different faiths have become nothing more than the religions of man. They have little, or nothing to do with the word of God and completely fail in their belief systems to support and uphold God’s Holy Commandments.

Click on the Link to watch a video by 119 Ministries that talks about some of the issues I have addressed here.


This page was created not to fill your mind with useless information, but to get you to the place where you think. I mean, really use that grey matter between your ears. The problem with man’s religions is that no one questions what they are taught from their leader, be it a Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, or Imam. God wants faithful followers, not robots who only regurgitate what they have been told without ever investigating it to see if it is true. Mankind has been brought to the brink of slavery once again. We are slaves to the jobs where we work, we are slaves to what comes out of the music scene and movie scene, we are slaves to the Internet, social media, drugs, alcohol, pornography, and a whole host of other non-working avenues.

For the shop-a-holic, it’s “Where can I get the latest fashion?” To the work-a-holic, “When can I get my next raise?” For the drug addict, “When can I get my next fix?” And for the alcoholic, “When can I get my next drink?” Finally, for the religious, “When can I go to the next service?”

I know there are some who look at the devil and say, “What a big bogey man!” In reality the devil is not a big bogey man, he is an individual who only does what God the Father allows him to do. He does nothing outside the will of God. If some Christian makes a smart aleck statement that is full of hypocrisy, you can rest assured that at some point the devil is going to ask the Father to sift that person. That usually results in the person being exposed for their hypocrisy, or some other calamity befalls them.

The sad reality is that in certain circles the devil is given too much credence and in others he is not mentioned, or assumed that he doesn’t exist. People forget that God is in control of this earth, but many are still under the influence of the devil because they remain in his darkness. The kingdom of God, here on earth, cannot be discerned through mere human intellect. One has to come to the place where God enables them to ‘see’ the Kingdom of God. What does ‘seeing’ involve? It means we come to understand who is pulling our strings on this planet, we realize that we ALL have been lied to in one way or another. What happens when God brings us to the knowledge of the truth? For me, I became very, very angry and hurt. I realized that all I knew about God after spending over 28 years in religion, was what I had been told from the pulpit. I knew nothing about God and still know little or nothing.

I believe that the devil has played an instrumental part in the formation of man’s religions. He needed a venue to keep people segregated, separated and at odds with each other. Consider the Jewish people who have forsaken or not even considered that Yeshua is their Messiah. Consider the Christians who say they acknowledge the Messiah yet have totally ignored God’s Holy Commandments from the first five books of the Bible. So, we have two groups that only want half of the picture. Can you understand how brilliantly the devil has kept mankind in darkness? If you really want to know the truth, I will tell you that the devil owns all of man’s religions, be it Christian, Islam, or Judaism. He owns them all and has for a very long time. I am not lying to you. Your next assignment is to research who started the Church and where did it have it’s roots. Hint: Look for Constantine the Roman Emperor and the Council of Nicea. You will understand where the Church got started. Along with that, please watch the following video,

80 Popes Tortured And Killed 50 Million People.

If you have done your homework, you will notice for yourself that the early Church had nothing to do with a Jewish Jesus, in time, our Hebrew/Jewish Messiah was stripped of His heritage and what ensued was the creation of a Christian Jesus. This Christian Jesus was very different from his Jewish counterpart. Below are some of the common differences between Jesus, the Christian Messiah and Yeshua, the Hebrew Messiah.

Christian Messiah Jesus

Hebrew Messiah Yeshua

Jesus is a Christian
Did away with God’s Commandments
Abolished Dietary Laws
Celebrates Christmas and Easter
Needs your money
Changed the Sabbath to Sunday
Rose on Easter Sunday
Came for the Christian
Followers meet on Sunday
Followers do what is right in their own eyes
Followers are not in Covenant
Followers accept everything from the pulpit
Followers give money to their leader

Yeshua is a Jew
Upheld and taught God’s Commandments
Adhered to Dietary Laws
Keeps God’s Holy and Appointed Times/Feasts
Doesn’t need your money
Kept the Sabbath
Rose on His Sabbath
Came for the Lost Sheep of Israel
Followers meet on the Sabbath
Followers do what His word says
Followers seek to be in Covenant
Followers research and investigate
Followers give money to the poor and needy

Can you think of any other differences between Jesus and Yeshua?

There are many other differences between the two individuals, Jesus and Yeshua. If the truth be told, Jesus is part of that powerful delusion that Paul talks about in the New Testament. Many will follow Jesus until the day they die and will suffer the penalty for following a false messiah, or anti-Christ. Just like a Muslim who kills people in the name of Allah, there are no rewards for a Christian who follows Jesus. I’m not saying these people don’t have salvation, but their continued walk in disobedience will land them a place outside the Holy City of Jerusalem. This will mean that such people will exist for an eternity, while never being able to see the face of God. That is a very scary thought indeed. If you are wondering where I would get that idea, please read the last Book of the Bible (Revelation), last chapter.


Q: What is the ultimate goal of being a disciple?
A: To enter into Covenant with God.

If you ask most Christians, are you in Covenant with God? They will give you a blank stare or simply don’t know how to answer you. What does it mean to be in Covenant with someone? What I would like you to do is Google the definition of Covenant. Please, if you don’t start looking things up yourself, you will never learn, or grow. You will never become a disciple. So, open another window and ask Google what is the definition of Covenant.

So, now you know what Covenant means. There is a very big difference between ‘just loving on Jesus’ and being in Covenant with God. To be married to Messiah, one has to enter into a betrothal Covenant with him. It does not necessarily mean that he is going to choose you as his bride. God decides who will and won’t be his bride. What we have to worry about is making sure we are in Covenant with God and asking him on a daily basis to draw us closer to him. Because we are sheep and sheep naturally go astray, we need to ask the Shepherd to draw us back to him and into a deep relationship with him on a regular basis. This is not something we do, because we can’t take credit for it. God responds to our prayers for closeness, by drawing us to him.

Some Christians have been taught that God’s Commandments are old and no longer in effect. We have Jesus now and saying the ‘sinners’ prayer is all that matters. It is believed that once you say the sinners prayer, that’s it. Your salvation is finished and everything is done. Little do we know that reaching out to God for his Messiah to appropriate our sin is just the beginning of the walk. It is only the first step. The next step is to find someone who can teach you about God, hint: If you ask him, God will do this himself. We don’t need a middleman to teach us anything about God as Jesus himself said God would teach us. Your next mission is to find out where Messiah said that and where did he quote it from?