Do You Want To Know The Truth?

It’s been said, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Below are some of the videos I have watched to bring me out of the darkness that surrounded me. If you really want to know and understand who and what God really is like, you will have to do so without the filter of religion. God says he has rules as to how to live and he says he curses us for disobeying them and blesses us for keeping them. You can’t access these blessings unless you enter into covenant with God and I will talk to you more on that later. What you have to keep in mind is that if you call yourself a Christian, you are basically working in the enemy’s camp, the devil. There is no way around this, you might feel that you know all there is to know about God and the bible, but until you leave religion,Church, Mosque, Synagogue or any other religious assembly, you will never learn who this person we call God really is. You can watch any video in any order, but you should really watch all of them.

Be-open minded; you have to come to the place of emptying religion from your system and embracing the truth. If you are a Christian, some of the topics covered in these videos will shock you. Remember to email me if you are angry and need to talk. I was very angry about being lied to. I gave away thousands and thousands of dollars to Pastors and Churches, thinking I could buy my way into Heaven. NEWS FLASH!!! God doesn’t want or need your money! Your Pastor does and that’s why he has his hand out every Sunday, sometimes twice on Sunday. You are not, I repeat, not giving to God when you put money in the offering plate. You are giving to men or women who use your money to pay their bills, put their kids through college, buy new vehicles, boats, airplanes and many other things. I have not seen anywhere in the bible where God commands us to give money to a Church leader. It’s not in there. Click on the links and allow yourself to come out of the darkness. You can do this and once you become aware, you will no longer be influenced by the prince of this world.

Christmas and Easter:

Thrive: What will it take?

Zeitgeist: Riveting!

Truth about Cancer

The truth about debt.

The truth about abortion.

The truth about psychiatry.

More truth about psychiatry.

More damages of psychiatry.

The truth about GMO foods.

The truth about big pharma.

If you have watched these videos, you will have a lot of questions and might even be angry about being lied to. I understand that, no one likes to be lied to and the sad reality is that we have bought the lie completely. Religion was created to control the masses and it has done a very good job. We don’t think for ourselves; all we do is get wound up from singing a bunch of silly songs thinking that we are somehow offering God worship. This too, is a lie. If you wish to go deeper, send me an email and we can talk. If you feel that your friends will no longer wish to be your friends, remember that most of us who have come out of the world have few friends.