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Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to Your Guide to a Happy Life! My name is Paul Moore and I am the host and moderator of this site. This site is set up as a small resource to help people overcome fear and embrace a true and meaningful relationship with our father in Heaven. I really believe it was the father who put it on my heart to start this site. I have put hundreds of hours into writing and recording content to help people get free. Our Messiah stated, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” I have been free for the past year from the clutches of religion. I love my father in Heaven very much, but I am no longer interested in learning about him through the filter of a pastor, rabbi or a denomination.

It was said in Isaiah and Yeshua (Jesus) reiterated it in the Gospel of John Chapter six, “They will all be taught by God.” My question is this, Are we all being taught by God? Is God in the business of enlightening only pastors and rabbis and he shuns talking to the sheep? Does a rabbi, priest or pastor really have the monopoly on God? 

We call ourselves believers, we diligently go to our assemblies every week, we sing songs about God, we talk about God, we dance before God, yet, after all these years of doing this, I have one question, Have we gotten closer to God? I think many of us have become faithful in giving money to the assemblies we attend because we are told that we are giving to God. Really? Does God need our money? Are we remembering those who are the least of these? Is a pastor who drives around in fancy cars, has great wealth and is a prestigious member of society really the least of these? Yeshua said we would be blessed by giving to the poor, he never mentioned giving to those who have become very well-to-do through the ‘preaching’ of the Gospel.

If we look into the ‘preaching’ of the Gospel we find some very strange things happening in most churches. The major anomaly is that there is very few, if any, new converts coming to God in such assemblies. What normally happens is that a person grows tired of, or outgrows the church he attends and thus moves on to another assembly, hoping for better teaching, praise music or something else. We have a lot of influx of disgruntled believers going from church to church to church.  The sad reality is that they will never find spiritual food or nourishment in such an assembly anywhere in the churches they attend. I was that man for twenty years. I attended a host of different churches hoping I could find someone to enlighten me or even love me. I found very little love in any of the congregations I attended and came to discover that such churches preached and teached things that were not pleasing to my father in Heaven.

What things? You may ask. Well, for starters, how about Christmas and Easter? Where did these two days have their origin? What about the seventh day Sabbath as opposed to the first day Sabbath? Who changed the Sabbath Day? What about the father’s Holy Days? What about the food and dietary laws? Should we all eat Kosher or is that just something for the Jews? Is it OK just to pray over everything and eat it? What about Passover? Is calling Halloween, holy night, something pleasing to the father?

When you do a little digging you will find out the answers to all of these questions. The problem is that such answers are not being taught in the churches, nor does anyone even care to know the answers.

I wonder what he is going to say to such people? Will he embrace them and welcome them into his kingdom, or will he say, “Depart from me I never knew you.” If we think we are pleasing God by our church attendance or the giving of tithes and offerings and that’s all our relationship with him consists of, then maybe we are in for a big surprise? None of us can get to Heaven on the coattails of a priest, pastor or rabbi. We will all stand before God and have to give an account for our lives. Do we really think we can say to God at the end of time, “Well, pastor so and so said this and that is why I did it.” What if pastor so and so was wrong? What if the rabbi was wrong too? Is God going to change his mind about things just because we were misinformed? I honestly don’t know, but for me, I wouldn’t want to stand in that person’s shoes for all the money in the world.

It’s time we used our head and used the gray matter God gave us. Question and test everything, and for goodness sake, don’t believe everything you’re told. It’s time to come off of the sour milk and investigate what is true and what is untrue. If you want a small sample of truth, I suggest you go to my Teaching Videos page. Watch the first video entitled, Truth or Tradition, Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter. It’s almost two hours so make sure you can watch it in its entirety when you do so. It will absolutely amaze you. Have a great week. Paul.

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God, Ebola, Illuminati and You

Sep 25

What is a believer?

What is a believer?


Believer? I told my friend several months ago that I was seeing a woman, he asked me the following question: “Is she a believer?” I thought for a moment and then I answered, “Yes.” Now, since I have known her closely for the past six months, I would have to say that she seldom if ever went to any religious institute. She seldom attended any Church, never went to a Messianic Synagogue or anything like that. So, how could I say she was a believer?

Well, to answer that question I have to ask a question: What is a believer? If you talk to a Christian, they will tell you what they think a believer is, as will a Jewish person, as will a Muslim, but….

What is a believer?

Well I think it’s safe to say a believer believes something. There is something in this life that causes them to believe. It doesn’t have to be about a supreme being, but a believer believes something. Even an Atheist believes something, they believe there is no supreme being.

If I could venture to say, a Jew believes that they are the apple of God’s eye, as does a Christian, as does a Muslim. How can they say this? Their answer is based on what they believe about themselves. The question then comes to mind, “How did they come to believe the things they came to believe? Ahhh…here is where it gets interesting. Many of us believe what we believe because we base our beliefs on what we’re told. And that usually comes from someone we esteem as knowing more about a subject than we do.

So, many of us believe what we believe based on what we are told. Let’s break this down a bit and take it outside the context of religion. If we were told that we were stupid enough times by our fathers when we were children, we could take on the belief that we are stupid. Now you and I both know that what was spoken to us in the formative years of our lives might not be correct at all. Yes, we might have made some decisions that some people could deem stupid and coming from them, we felt stupid, but doesn’t mean we are stupid.

Some of us may have been labelled by others as weird, gay, bi-sexual, homophobic, a drunk, an asshole, mentally ill, a jerk, idiot etc. Some of this may have been spoken in jest while at other times it was deliberate. Some of us wondered, am I really that? While some others embraced the label.

So, the question remains, if we believe in what others have told us about ourselves, even if it is inaccurate, does that make us a believer? It doesn’t necessarily mean we are right in what we believe, nevertheless, we believe what we believe because we were told that by someone who we consider or believe might know something about the subject. I think it would be safe to say that sometimes we believed what others told us even though it was a lie. And in some cases we became the lie.

Now getting back to religion, do you think that everything we were told from the pulpit, that is, from a Priest, Pastor, Rabbi or Imam was or is true? Could it be that some of the things they told us may not have been true, or do we just believe that everything we’re told is the truth? We’ve already concluded that as children or young adolescents that someone could have spoken something over us that wasn’t true – a lie, and we believed it and not only did we believe it, in some cases we became it.

I remember my mother saying to me when I was young, and she said this to me several times, “You’ll never have nothing.” I know that this statement was a double negative, but I understood what she said to me. I remember talking to her many years later about this and shortly before her death. This is what I said to her,
“Mom, do you remember saying to me, ‘You’ll never have nothing.’ Mom what do I have?” She looked at me and said,
“You have nothing.”

So, what people speak over us, we first believe it and then we become it, especially if we somehow regard them as someone who knows what they are talking about. But the question remains, is what we believe about ourselves based on truth or lies?

So, if you ask me what is a believer? I would venture to say that a believer is someone who becomes what they are told, true or false. I would venture to say that most of us in religion believed whatever we were told by our leaders and we gulped it down, hook, line and sinker. The question is not then, is so and so a believer, because from what has been presented here, what does so and so believe? If we were to take it to the next degree, what does so and so believe and how did they come to believe in what they believe? This is all utter nonsense.

You see, there are no facts for us to believe in anymore, just perceptions of the facts. Nor are there any morals, just perceptions of morals. Most of our lives, religious or otherwise have been built on perceptions. We take everything at face value and refuse to question anything. “If Pastor so and so says it, I believe it!” Well, maybe Pastor so and so is just like you and me, someone who is struggling to make sense of this thing called life.” Maybe he doesn’t know everything, yet we hold him in such high esteem that we believe butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. We believe this; we believe that and none of it is based on fact, just hearsay. We become what we’re told from the pulpit and we live it out, hook, line and sinker. We become faceless people who have no understanding of what life was really meant to be. How can we, we never questioned anything we’ve been told?

It’s really time to start questioning what we have been told from everyone. We say we’re living the dream, but we’re believing the lie. How can we say we know what’s true and then say we believe it without ever having investigated it? Please, our Creator wants you to use the gray matter he put between your ears. If you are so gullible to think and believe that everything you’ve been told in your life is true then you are truly deceived.

I remember meeting a man that was quite a heavy individual who made erratic motions with his body. He was in a mental institution. I looked at him and he had no control over the movements of his body and there he was in the insane asylum. I asked him what happened to him and this was his answer, “One day my brother and I were fighting with each other and he called me, (here it is), a fat crazy nut. Interesting, he became what was spoken over him. He BELIEVED the lie and BECAME the lie.

So it is with most of us. we became what others spoke over us, good or bad. We believed everything that was said to us without ever questioning anything. The Creator said he would send this world (believers?) a powerful delusion. I really believe that is what we are believing and living, all of us, a delusion. And we will stay in this delusion until we die. Unless we begin to question and test everything we will by no means enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Click on the link to go to our sister site: and you will find more information about coming to the truth.

Sep 07

Messages From the Father (12)

Hello my precious, precious child: This will be the last of this dialogue with you. I want you to know that soon many will be coming home to me and on the last and final day there is going to be a very large banquet. There will be lots of food, and drink and lots of entertainment. Today I am inviting you to my banquet. You don’t have to bring anything, just you. I’m getting a little excited because that day is very, very soon.

Well, in the past ten days we have talked about a lot of things, but the main thing I want you to walk away with is that I am your father and I am very lonely for you. If you have children, I want you to think about this for a moment. Can you imagine watching your child grow up through every milestone in their life, yet they never spoke to you from the moment they were born and never did, ever? Can you imagine a child from your loins who never greeted you in the morning, never told you they loved you, and never shared anything with you about their lives, ever? How would you feel? Well, to tell you the truth, it feels pretty horrible.

I have so much love to share with all of my children, yet very few, if any, want my love. Yes, they may tell me they love me, but they don’t show me that they love me. Could you imagine being in a relationship with someone who told you at times that they loved you, yet never spent any time with you? Such is the case with me and my children on earth. They have made themselves so busy that they have squeezed out any time for me out of their lives.

Now, some people think that because of their behavior in this matter that I won’t accept them or somehow they will be eternally lost. NOTHING could be further from the truth. You see, many of my children will never experience heaven on earth because of their lack of desire to be with me. Some will come to know me in a religious way, but there are others who will truly seek me and find out what makes me tick. It is those people who will have a wonderful life and have the mountain top experiences. It’s not too late for you either, my child. All I’m asking is for a small portion of your time where we can get together and get to know each other. I don’t bite, instead I heal.

Tonight I am calling you to me. I want you in my life so you can know the one who truly loves you and will never let you go. I hope you will meet with me on this side of life. I am here waiting for you and will be waiting on the other side, too. Have a wonderful evening; I love you.


Your father in Heaven.

Sep 07

Messages From the Father (11)

Hello my beautiful child: I know your pain. I know that you are hurting. I know that life seems somehow overwhelming for you at this time, trust me, it will all work out. Put your trust in me as a loving father, someone who is always in your corner watching out for you. Don’t worry about the storms of your life, storms come and go, but they ALWAYS end. When the sun shines after the storm you can rest assure that warm peaceful days are ahead. Without storms we wouldn’t appreciate the peace and warmth that follows. Do you want to know something? My greatest desire is to have ALL of my children with me. I know that some will decide against being with me and that really bothers me. If you only knew how funny and crazy your father in heaven can be, you would spend hours and hours with me, you and your family.

Tears have a way of softening the heart. I need hearts that are soft and malleable. I need hearts that are tired of the same old same old and want something different. Would you be willing to step outside of the box and meet me for a few minutes, just to talk? I know you have so much hurt bottled up inside you and I would love to hear you talk about your feelings. You will find that as you talk to me, emotions will rise in you. Sometimes it might be anger, other times, rejection. Whatever the feeling and emotion I will hold you while you cry.

You might be very angry with me, and that is OK, I would much rather you be angry and tell me off than praise with me lips of hatred. I understand that you may be very angry with me for the many losses you have experienced in your life and I ask that you forgive me so we can be friends. I never wanted those things to happen to you. I hope you will desire to be close to me so I can help you navigate the challenges put before you. It’s much like a game, I lead and you follow. The problem I see with many of my children is that they want to lead me and when they crash, I get the blame for it and that is OK. I know it’s fun to be in the driver seat, but if you can imagine this, You are on an old country road with me while I’m holding the reins of a horse and wagon. You are caught up in all of the scenery. You see bees buzzing and lighting on flowers, you hear the birds singing, you smell the flowers that are blossoming, you can feel the wind on your back and we are having fun just talking and being with each other. The road is long and windy but we are travelling it together. There are times when we get off the wagon and smell the flowers, get a drink out of a stream and maybe do some day dreaming as we look up at the sky. Sounds nice doesn’t it?

Well, contrast that with where you have been driving. We’re in a very fast car and you’re the driver. You have the pedal to the floor. We can’t see anything on either side of the road because you’re going too fast. You’re weaving in and out of lanes to get there faster. You have the radio blaring and we can’t hear each other. There are so many close calls that it’s scary to think how long it is going to be before we crash. Now let me ask you, which road do you prefer and who do you prefer to have holding the reins?

My precious children, many of you are on the wide laned highway driving as fast as you can. You have had many accidents, but you still haven’t learned that I must be in control of your life. Not as an overbearing brute or someone who doesn’t want you to have fun, but you need me for your safety and to lead you safely home. Can you see it? Which highway do you want to be on? The narrow country road with me at the reins while you are enjoying every moment of the journey, or the fast paced highway where you see nothing, and arrive nowhere.

Look, I don’t want to hurt you, I want to help you. Please give me the reins of your life. I promise I will be gentle and the journey will be half of the fun. Would you like to start something with me that will endure and you won’t wind up in the ditch? Put your faith and hope in me and I will see you through to the other side. Oh, there might be a few disappointments along the way, but most of those come when you grab the reins and try to do it yourself.

So, don’t wait any longer. Let’s start having some fun together and enjoy this journey we are on. I promise you it will be fun and exciting and you won’t want to miss a thing.

Your father in Heaven,


Sep 07

Messages From the Father (10)

Hello my precious child: I am sad today. There are many of my children who have passed on from this life before they realized their full potential. Some erroneously say that it must be my will when someone dies prematurely. No, this is not my will. I desire to see all of my children live to a ripe old age, full of years, with lots and lots of children and grandchildren, to the third and fourth generation.

When will mankind ever learn that there is only one creator, one father and one redeemer? No one has a monopoly on me. I love all of my children:black, white, Hebrew, Christian, Islam, and all others. I don’t discriminate between one or the other. The biggest problem I have with my children right now is that they are all willing to suffer for me; even die for me, yet no one knows me or what I am like. Do I hate Muslims? No. Do I hate Christians? No. Do I hate the Hebrew people? No.

Why is it so hard for all of you to see that mankind needs one another. No one on earth is supreme, there is no supreme religion, or faith; there is just me. An age old father who desires that his children stop fighting with each other in his name. You are not offering me service by taking the life of another person who has a different persuasion than your own. I abhor the fact that my children are killing each other because of the differences in opinions about me. And that is what these differences truly are-opinions.

You leave me no other choice, but to chastise all of you. I don’t want to do this, but the time is coming when you will be home with me and there will be no distinction between any of you. You will simply will be called my children. A child of your father. Period.

Do you want to know something? If everyone repented; turned away, from their pride and arrogance in thinking that they are the one or they are the only ones, all of you could be home with me in an hour. I hate pride and I hate arrogance. Christianity didn’t save you from your sins, Islam didn’t save you from your sins, and not even the Hebrew faith will save you from your sins, I saved you from your sins because I saw that you were lost and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. I came to you to show you the type of person that I am like,yet very few of you are even slightly interested in getting to know me.

Please, I don’t want to bring calamity on the earth for my people, but if all of you soon don’t repent, you will leave me with no other option. Even this is not my will. The prayer that went up from Messiah was that all of you would be one with me and each other. I don’t see this happening anywhere on earth. Unless I bring calamity, no one will be saved.

Do not think that because you call yourself a Pastor, Rabbi or Imam that I am with you. It is the leadership that will be accountable to me and me alone. Your followers, my sheep, are searching and many of you are hindering them on their journey to me. I am their father and you would do wise to point them to me. They don’t need to follow a man, they need to follow me. They don’t need to be taught by a man, they need to be taught by me. Can’t you see this? It’s not about your knowledge of the scriptures. It’s all about how much love and compassion you have for your flocks, my sheep. They do not belong to you, they belong to me. You are a steward, someone who is responsible for preparing the way for them to come to me. Instead you have placed stumbling blocks in front of them to hinder them from coming to me and you, yourselves do not desire to enter in either.

My precious children, my love is the only thing you need right now. Please come to me and allow me to complete the process I have started. I will close this dialogue soon. If you are reading this, know that I desire with all my heart that my people come to me with willing hearts to be taught and fed by me, to spend time with me, and to enjoy my company. It is not your money I want, it’s not your possessions, it’s nothing else, but you. I want you. I love you and I redeemed you. You are mine and I am yours.

Take the first step and get alone with me now. Talk to me, tell me about your successes, your failures, your fears, what makes you happy, what makes you sad and through all of this you will learn that I truly am one of you.

Have a wonderful evening and I await your reply.

Your father in Heaven,


Sep 07

Messages From the Father (9)

Hello my precious little one: I know you are searching, questioning, and trying to understand what is going on. I have to be very honest with you tonight and please don’t be upset with me. I know that many attend assemblies where they mention God or they sing to me, but in most assemblies where my name is upheld, people do not know me. As it has been said in my word, I am the unknown God. No one knows me. Many give me lip service, but their hearts are far from me.

To know me is to know someone very complicated, yet who is as simple as a raindrop. I see that you are burdened down with this thing called life. I understand your frailties and I know your pain. Please come to me so I can heal your wounds. When you come to me I will let you know that I love you; not by saying things to you, but by showing you that you are loved.

I am your father. I am your redeemer. I am the one who always knew that one day your precious life would be brought into this world. I wrote and wrote about you in my book about all the things that would transpire in your life, before any of those things ever happened. I wrote the chapter where you would come to find me. Yes, little one you have been lost for a long time. Many say that they know me, but very few do. Why? It’s because very few have taken the time to get to know me. They think I am this supreme being up in the sky who wants no one to come to my home because they have done things they somehow consider wrong or evil.

Can I set the record straight? I am a parent and like you I love my children. Do you think that you could ever stop loving your child? Well I, too, will never stop loving my children. Do you think I would harm or endanger someone I love because they made mistakes? Yes, there are lessons to be learned and trials to go through, but these are all a part of bringing you closer to me.

My precious child I love you and I would never forsake you. I have your name written on my hand and my hand has a firm grip on you. Please turn to me so you can discover who I really am. I’m not who you think I am. I am fun loving, very simple, honest and real. I have a vested interest in your life and I am the one responsible for you. I will wait, and wait and patiently wait until you return to me. You don’t have to fear anything. I am bigger than every fear out there and when you realize how much you are loved, you will never fear again.

When you get a chance, please take a moment to look up at the night sky and tell me if you could give a name to all of the stars you see. My child, I have a name for every one of them. Please put your trust in me. I will never, never hurt you. I long for the day when you come to me just to see how I am doing and to see if there is anything you can do for me. You may be surprised to find out that all I want you to do right now is to spend some time with me. Let’s laugh and share with each other, let’s have a good cry together. Let’s dance together. Do you see it? I’m not asking you to do any great feat for me, no, all I am asking of you is to spend some time with me so you can get to know me.

I do look forward to when my children are reunited with me at the supper, but I look forward to them coming to me, before the supper so I can clean, bandage and heal their wounds. I have no other agenda other than to have my children know me, to know who I really am and what I am all about. Like I said you will be very surprised to find out who I am when you start to search for me, and realize that I am no different than your best friend. I have emotions. I feel pain. I’m hurt. I feel rejection. I know when people are apathetic to me. So, whatever people have experienced, I have experienced it too.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Your father in Heaven.

Sep 07

Messages From the Father (8)

Hello my precious child: Did you have a good day? I’ve been thinking about you and do you want to know something? I really love your style. You try to juggle so many things to try and make others happy, but your own happiness and joy seems to slip through the cracks. Do you think for a moment that it would be possible to dream again about the things you would like to do to make yourself happy and content? I can help you. How? By being your sounding board. If there is something you would really like to do in your life, but are afraid to take the necessary steps then talk to me about it. You only need to hear your voice talking it over and as you do that you will discover what you need to do to complete the task.

I want you to know that I am a very real person. I am not a religious father, I am a loving father who loves everyone, regardless of age, gender, race or religion. You don’t have to wait for me to start your plans. As you come to me and start sharing your dreams, you will discover that it is me who put those desires on your heart. You don’t have to ask me to bless you, I have already blessed you with the desire to do it, so now it’s up to you to finish it. Have fun and enjoy yourself! Don’t wait any longer. The world is waiting for you to make your dreams come true. If you are afraid to share your dreams with others for fear of criticism, or ridicule, come to me and share them with me. I’d love to hear the plans on your precious mind.

Remember, creation began as a thought in my head, then I spoke it out and it became real, very real. So, you also speak your dreams to me and I will watch with joy as you make them real. I love you. Never forget that. I want to see you happy and enjoying the life I gave you. You need not complain about regrets of not having done what you really wanted to do. Today is a new day and I will give you what you need to make your dreams come true. You have no idea how much your dreams mean to me. You may not become a famous person or someone who the world seeks after. No, that is not what I’m talking about. If you are reading this, you can rest assure that it is my desire to see you fulfil your desires and become happy and joyful. You are the world to me.


Your father in Heaven. xo

Sep 07

Messages From the Father (7)

Hi Little One: You look beautiful! Wow! Have you ever looked in the mirror and just said, “Wow, I’m a good looking person!” Well, my child, I think you’re good looking on the inside and the outside. Today I will be relaxing with the folks here in Heaven and on earth. I hope you take some time out of your busy life to take it easy, catch your breath, and have some fun. Spend some time with your family and friends and s-l-o-w down and smell the flowers. I am looking forward to sending my Son back to earth to take you home with me. It won’t be long now and don’t be afraid, you will be with me.

Well, I’m here if you need me. Just look up and call out, “Hey Abba!” And I’ll be there listening to your sweet voice. Have a great sleep and be good to yourself. I love you so much and that will never change. Please don’t think you could ever lose me. I have you firmly in my grasp and no one can take you out of my hand.

I’m still waiting for a good heart to heart with you when you get a chance. Still a little lonely for you, so when you have a few minutes, get a drink and put on some music and we’ll have a chat. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. Your father in Heaven. Abba.

Sep 07

Messages From the Father (6)

Hi: This is your dad in heaven. How are you today? Did you have a fun day? Did you get a lot done? How are your children? How are your parents? I miss you and I hope you will take some time to spend with me tonight? I’m not asking for a lot, just fifteen minutes. I have a question for you: Do you really think you are going to live without me when you pass on from this life into the next because you feel unworthy? Don’t worry about making a mistake. All of my children have made mistakes and I do not hold their mistakes against them. I want you to know my precious child that I am not a ‘tit for tat’ kind of person. If you make a mistake, I don’t want to scold you or embarrass you, I just want you to come to me so we can get to know each other.

I want you to start enjoying a REAL relationship with me. You don’t need to tell others about me, you don’t need to perform for me. Remember, you are a human being, so just try be-ing with me. Try not to be a human-doer, you were created to be with me, so try being a human be-ing and just be with me. I know your heart. I know that you want to please me and do things to gain my acceptance. Do you want to know a secret? I am pleased with you already and I accept you wholeheartedly! There is nothing that will make me feel any different about you. I think you’re pretty cool and I can’t wait to see you at my home. If you wanted to start the party before you leave earth that is fine with me.

Remember that still small voice they talk about? Well I want to talk with you and tell you things that will make you laugh and cry. Please come to me. I’m waiting for our first talk and our first dance together. I know my people have the heart of sheep and go astray, but I am the good shepherd calling you back to myself.

Let’s make today the first day of our life together. I love you so much, I love you! You are so beautiful to me and there is NOTHING that will ever stop me from loving you and when you come home to me you are going to want to kick yourself in the butt and ask the question: “Why didn’t I spend more time with you on earth? Man you’re such a hoot!” To which I will reply, “Let the party begin another one of my children is home!” Woo hoo…I can’t wait! Feeling happy tonight and looking forward to hearing from you. Your father in heaven, Abba.

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