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How Can This Site Work For Me?

If you’re like most people, when you arrive at this site, you wonder what it is all about and if there is any merit to it. Well, there is! This site has three pages that, if used on a daily basis, will help you immensely in your growth with God. Right now, very few know about this site and I do not spend any money on promotion or marketing. The site is a spiritual site and is designed for people who have come out of main stream religion, be it Islam, Judaism or Christianity and want more out of their relationship with God. If you are reading this, chances are that God himself has directed you here.

The first page that is very important is the Daily Prayers page. Many of the Scriptural prayers and affirmations on this page will help the believer to overcome fear from the enemy. You should go through this page once a day, preferably when you start your day. You should read the prayers out loud because it is written that faith comes by hearing, and hearing, the word of God.

Another thing you should do is read a portion of the Daily Proverbs page. I read a chapter a day as it pertains to the day of the month.

So, on the first day of the month, I read Proverbs chapter 1, on the second day, Proverbs chapter 2 and so on. If there are months with fewer days, I just double up on the readings.

The final thing you should do is read a portion of the first five books of the bible every day, they are called the Torah. You can click on the Daily Torah Reading page Portion that will bring you to the site where you can view the Torah portion and read one of the seven portions each day of the week. Reading the front of the book will help you understand the back of the book.

You should do these things every day as it will build your character, it will help you with discipline and you will acquire Godly wisdom which we all so desperately need.

In addition to these three things, you should set a portion of time, either in the day or the evening and fellowship with your Father in Heaven. This also requires discipline, but I can assure you that if you are diligent in doing this, you will be rewarded by God, because he rewards those who diligently seek him.

Good bye Facebook

After several months I have come to the place where I no longer desire to keep my Facebook account. Had a lot of heated debates on there which accomplished very little. I grew tired of of the many horrible sights I saw and the many people who simply use the site for business. I do not like what social media has become and to me, many of the ‘social’ sites we have only foster anti-social behavior. Have you ever gone into a restaurant and watch two people who should be talking and enjoying each other’s company and instead they both have their eyes glued to their accursed cell phones? I think social media serves to keep people addicted to getting likes, loves, sad, angry and whatever else social sites use to engage their followers.

I grew up without social sites and I look forward to living life without them. They are just like drugs or alcohol or any other addiction. We get the ‘high’ of using the sites and feed off the interaction between people we don’t even know. I really thought that social sites would unite us closer together, but, if anything, I feel they are keeping us farther apart. I’ve lost a good part of my life by plugging into social media sites, only to find that they have left me high and dry. I look forward to living a more sane and sensible life without worrying what is trending or the latest meme that is supposed to change my life. It’s empty, more empty than a wine bottle in an alleyway. I’m done.

Will The Real God Stand Up?

I have everything a man could ever want. A beautiful wife, a wonderful place to live, a great job, fantastic friends, all the money I need, all the food I could eat, yet there is one thing gnawing at me and it has been for the past fifty-four years. Where is the love of God that is talked about by people who say they are believers?

When I was young, I saw my father physically assault my mother and when I was a little older, he physically assaulted me. He was a very violent man, and an alcoholic and gambler. I was so afraid of him that I would walk on tiptoes so I wouldn’t upset him. There was a deep-seated fear associated with this man and later, with my oldest sibling, who took over with the abuse when my father left. I was ten years old. When I was twenty-one, I had a Christian salvation experience and started to follow God as a Christian, going to Church every week to hear a message that I thought or felt was going to help me in my walk with God and heal the deep hurt I had experienced in my life.

I think there is one thing that no Church, Mosque or Synagogue could do for me and that was to help me really know in my heart how much God loved me and wanted to heal me. I ascribed a lot of my understanding toward God as though he were some hard-nosed task-master who would hit me, like my father would, when I did something wrong.

I have been told that he accepts me just the way I am, yet in most assemblies I was in, I felt like a social outcast. I had a very close friend in a Church I went to and he stopped being my friend because he didn’t approve of the woman I married.

I reached out to a retired Pastor, when I was in my early to mid twenties and asked him if he could spare an hour a week of his time, because I was confused about a lot of things and had a lot of questions. He answered me by saying he was too busy for that and walked away from me.

I don’t hold anything against these people, but I think they left an indelible mark on me and that mark was, “You’re not worth it, Paul.” I have had so many give up on me and close the door to me, and, yes, I was quite a handful and still am today. I ask the question: Does love still exist today? And if it does, what does it look like?

I was told by a new believer, at the time of my conversion to Christianity, that God is much like a yo yo. You can get so close to him, but the cord can always be cut. This is how I lived my life for thirty years. Uh oh if I do that, God is going to dump me for it, or uh oh, if I don’t do that, God is going to forsake me for it.

In recent years, I have noticed severe discrepancies with the Christian God, the Muslim God and the Jewish God. To be honest, I don’t want to follow any of them. I want the real God. The one that Apostle Paul said was the ‘UNKNOWN’ God. Many of us don’t know if God loves us because we DON’T KNOW GOD!!!!! What I realize, now is that no one knows the real God, if they did, they would be the most sought after person in the world.

This is what I have learned from the three false gods of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

In Christianity, their God is all about the money and making a show. God goes broke every weekend and needs a whole pile of cash to support his needs. He tells us to do whatever we feel is right and we’ll all make it in the end!

In Islam, their God tells you to impose your religion on other people and if they don’t follow you, tax them, or cut their heads off, or do some other terrible thing to them.

In Judaism, their God tells you that you must live with an ever-growing amount of tradition. They have added so many commandments to following God that aren’t commandments at all.

So… will the real God please stand up? I’m tired of the fake and phony gods. I’m tired of the fake and phony people who follow the fake and phony gods. I’m so sick of religion and the lies that goes along with it. I’m done. In the twenty-eight years I spent in religion, no Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, or Imam could put Paul back together again. Why? Because no Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, or Imam cared to do so.

Am I angry? It’s more sadness than anger now. How can I reach out to a hurt and dying world and tell them, “Yeah, come to God…he loves you???!!! When many of his people don’t have the time of day for you and could care less about what happened to you. If they feel that way about you, how do they truly feel about God? I mean do they really have a relationship at all?

How does a fatherless generation recognize the love from a father, from God or anyone else, for that matter? Many of us grew up with abusive and violent fathers who beat us, yelled at us, hit us, in some cases sexually abused us. How can we ever think that God the father is on our side and won’t hurt us? The sad reality is that he IS on our side and wants us so desperately to come to him, but because of misrepresentation from Pastors, Priests, Rabbis and Imams, and fellow congregants, we tend run from him. This unnatural fear of God leads us down many wrong paths, making the wrong choices over, and over again and reaping the fruit of those choices.

How can I tell a thirteen-year-old girl who has been raped repeatedly by her father, that God loves her? How can I tell a man that was beaten by his father that God loves him? Who is this God that loves everybody? What does his love look like? Where does one cross the line when God says to them, enough is enough, you’re done, I don’t love you anymore. You may say that the real God is not like that, but that is what many have been taught about him and have experienced the same treatment at the hands of his followers.

For a person who has been abused sexually, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially, how long does it take before you know that God truly loves you? How long?

Listen to me: I know you may like to go to Church, Mosque or Synagogue, but let me ask you a question. Is your religion doing anything to help the world or is it just maintaining the status quo? If we really looked deep into this matter I think we would find that all religious institutions have failed miserably in truly bringing people into oneness with God. Islam is empty, Judaism is empty, and so is Christianity very empty. You might not like me saying that, but it is true. These three religions are responsible for millions and millions of unnecessary deaths. Wars, fighting, torture, beheadings, rape, pillaging, and the list goes on, and on. Yes, I know God promulgated a lot of death in his day as well, but most of the people he wanted dead practiced terrible rituals like burying their first born under the door step or burning them in fire. The Hebrew people also adopted many of these pagan practices and were driven out of the land of Israel, just like the people who preceded them.

If the truth be told,

God does not want your money,
God does not want your Pastors or other religious leaders teaching you about him.
God will teach you all that you need to know about him.
God is not impressed with the size of your building or your congregation’s financial status.
God does not like, and in some cases, hates, your tradition.
God would much rather a couple stay home and congregate as a family then to go to an assembly where gossip, backbiting, flaunting and carousing are the norm. Sorry, but that is what I saw in some of the assemblies I attended. Such assemblies are emptier than a wine bottle in an alley way.

If you truly want a relationship with God, you will eventually have to leave religion behind. You’ll have to shake off all the traditions associated with your religion and start the process of seeking God on your own. You will go through very arid and lonely times and many will choose to mock you and make fun of you. You will leave the beaten path, or what is called the ‘wide road’ that leads to destruction and follow the path that leads to life. Not many people travel this path. They, instead, want to pad the pockets of their Pastors, or other religious leaders in exchange for some pithy sermon, or message that will never change anyone who hears it. You can’t buy your way into the Kingdom of God. God is not moved by money, regardless of the amount. He is after an honest and true relationship with you. Your money will perish, your job will perish, your cars, homes and other material things will perish, the only thing that you will take to the other side is your relationship with God. Depending on how much effort you put into that, you may find yourself in front of a very angry person, who has little of no rewards for you. Believe me, living for eternity empty-handed doesn’t sound very good for anyone.

Thus Saith The Lord…

This is not, “Thus saith the Lord,” or anything like that, but I have come to the conclusion that in 25 years, Islam will be the religion of the majority. I used to fear the notion, but now I think I understand what our father in Heaven is doing. He is judging the world’s religions, just like he did to Israel for the crimes they committed against him by whoring after other Gods. Most of us who have been in mainstream Christianity have idolized our Pastors, we have had high-minded thoughts about our denominations, we’ve looked down our noses at other denominations, and we’ve thought that we are the chosen ones and have arrived. These behaviors are nothing more than spiritual pride and God says that pride comes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction. It is this haughty, nose-in-the-air attitude that God is judging us for. When the judgement is finished, he will judge Islam. Messiah will not come in September of 2017, nor will he come before all religions and their denominations have been judged. This includes, but is not limited to:

The Catholic Church,
The Anglican Church
The Lutheran Church
The Pentecostal Denomination
The Baptist Denomination
The Seventh Day Adventist Denomination
The Presbyterian Denomination
The Mormon Church
The Wesleyan Denomination
The Apostolic Church
Messianic Synagogues
Jewish Synagogues

There are many, many more people groups who will be judged because of their arrogance and rebelliousness.
When the Jews were living in Israel and living in rebellion towards God’s Commandments, He sent them people to warn them to turn back to his ways. Time and time again, they killed these people who were sent to them. He foretold of a nation he was raising up to destroy the nation of Israel, the Chaldeans. This would not be an eternal destruction, but a temporary one. Nevertheless, it would happen, as God’s temper was blazing.
I believe his temper is blazing once again, we have corrupted ourselves. We worship money, women, sex pleasures, children, jobs/careers, Churches, denominations, we have turned a blind eye to the cry of the poor as spoken about in Ezekiel when it was said that the reason why God judged Sodom and Gomorrah was because they stopped caring for the poor and oppressed.

Today, there is no distinction between people who say the follow God and those who don’t. I realize now, that we have gone past the point of no return. We’ve aborted our children, and none of us have lifted a finger to stop the murder of the innocents. Just like no one stopped the murders and torture committed by the Catholic Church when, in the early years, it tortured and killed over 50 million people.

So, where will it end? We will be forced to worship a false god, allah, under the penalty of death. They will put us to forced labor, just like the Nazis did to those they imprisoned in WWII. There will be great bloodshed, like we have never known. NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO STOP THIS, AS THE DIRECTIVE IS FROM GOD HIMSELF.

Many will blame the devil, but he will be judged soon, as well. Don’t think you can stand on the coattails of your Pastor, he is a blind guide who has no power to save. The Christian Church has been created as a business model and a way to perpetuate segregation and division. In its true form, it serves to control the masses. It does not want its people to come to the knowledge of the truth, it wants them to remain in darkness. And darkness shall they remain, video games, music, movies, addictions, greedy appetites, lust, perversion, etc. It will all be judged and that by God, through the members of Islam.
God told the Israelites that the Chaldeans would have no pity or mercy on the young or old. We see this happening in Islam with the beheading of Christians of all ages. We will not be able to escape the wrath of God as put forth through the religion of Islam. It’s coming and there is nothing we can do about it. Donald J Trump can’t save you, nor can any man.

Here are the options I see for anyone reading this. Make your life right with God. Learn his Commandments from the first five books of the Bible. Learn and do them. This is why God has turned us over to the darkness of Islam. We have forsaken his Commandments, his Covenants, his precepts, ordinances and rules. We want to hear what our itching ears want to hear. We could care less about what God wants us to do. Everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes.

There is no way to escape the coming wrath on this planet. I see it coming, and no one can stop it, no one. Be prepared to die. Your choice will be to worship allah or lose your head. Give us the grace dear father to stand firm in our faith until the end. To lose our life is not the end, it is just the beginning.

I wonder…

I really wonder about what is going to happen to the Internet. Will it always be free to access information or will we have to pay for it, or will some aspects of it be banned from the web? What I question is will the sites that are promoting a true relationship with God, will they be outlawed or taken down, and sites that appeal to our broken nature become even more accessible, porn sites, death sites, drug sites, violent sites etc. I am beginning to wonder if that is one of the things that the anti-christ will impose on this world. Illicit sex will be everywhere as man continues to spiral down to depravity. For those of us who take for granted the many positive aspects of the Internet I believe that the dark side will manifest itself in a greater way. Many religious leaders have been caught in the web of pornography and are going nowhere and doing nothing or very little for our God. The wheat and tares will become much more pronounced in the next few years. You will see them in your churches, mosques and synagogues, a people with counterfeit love and using evil motives to get gain for themselves. This is already rampant in the Church and it is only going to get worse. Our world is growing darker by the minute.

So, what does one do? It’s time to get back to the basics. God was betrothed to a wayward wife, Israel, because she broke his Covenants time after time after time. God sent prophets to her many times, and Israel put many of these prophets to death. Today, many ‘prophets’ are telling us that things are going to get better. Rest assured, they are not.

We need to go back to the beginning of the book of the Bible and absorb and process what Father wanted us to know from the Commandments he gave us. These Commandments gave us life if they were obeyed, and the curse of disease and death if they were disobeyed. Look around you, look at the different countries around the world. Tell me, what do you see? Nations of abominations. There are five books of the Bible that you need to spend a lot of time in. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The Remnant, those who have been brought out of the world’s religious systems, will be the first to go into hiding. We will be oppressed and martyred while the members of churches, mosques and synagogues look on and scratch their heads, not knowing that a worse fate awaits them on the other side of life. A time will come that new versions of the Bible will be followed that is not God’s word, but half truths that will take many to a place they do not want to go. God’s word and the pursuit of those first five books of the Bible will be banned and those who are caught with them will suffer torture and death. This has happened to the two of the twelve tribes of Israel, Judah and Benjamin; it is coming to all of us. These five books will be removed from the Quran, the Christian Bible, and the Hebrew Bible. Get to the front of the book while you have time. Assimilate the words of these books into your being by reading them over and over. By doing this, God himself will teach you what you need to know. There is no way around this. Either you do this and live, or you will die, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Outside are the dogs…

Outside are the dogs…

I’ve often wondered about the whole concept of Hell and the Lake of Fire. I see nowhere in the bible of it mentioning a place where people go to burn forever. There is talk of people being reduced to stubble, but nowhere do I see a human being placed in a burning torment for eternity. Jesus said he gives eternal live to those who love him and follow his Commandments. If a person burned in Hell forever would that not be eternal life?

Here is an interesting Scripture:
Rev 22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie. KJV

Rev 22:15 Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. ESV

This Scripture is found in the last chapter of the last book of the bible, the Book of Revelation. Why is that significant? It because these are from the final words of the Apostle John. The Holy City has ascended from Heaven and is now on the earth. It has the river of life flowing through it. The tree of life is found on both sides of the river bearing fruit each season. God and his people are in the city and nothing or no one can hurt them.

Now what about the Scripture: Outside are the dogs…? We see here that the final fate of everyone who practices falsehood or lies, believes/love lies, (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.) is that they are found outside of the city. The people in this group are not the kind of people you would like to be with. They’re described as dogs, liars, those who believe and love the lies, sorcerers, sexually immoral, murderers, and idolaters.

This people group includes every Jewish, Christian and Muslim who never aspired to have a true and meaningful relationship with God. They became complacent in their walk with him and never rose above mediocrity. They gave money to affluent pastors, priests, rabbis, and imams, thinking that they were giving to God when they were trying to buy their way into Heaven. These people cared little or nothing at all about the plight of the fatherless, the orphans or widows, the poor, the sick, the homeless. Like their religious leaders, the love of money, the cares of life and the pride of life completely occupied their minds.

So, here is the fruit of that lifestyle. You are now outside the huge city of Jerusalem. It is fourteen hundred miles long, fourteen hundred miles wide and the walls are fourteen hundred miles high and two-hundred feet thick. You see the exterior made of pure gold, You are not allowed in the city because you fall under the category of dogs, sexually immoral, liar, believer/lover of lies, etc. This place outside the walls of the city is your resting place for eternity. You will never see the face or glory of God, you will never be allowed to enter the city. The city will be a paradise of fun, happiness and great joy. While you, on the other hand, will never be able to share that joy. You will be what Jesus said is the ‘least of these.’

Mat_5:19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

So, the least of the people in the Kingdom of Heaven will be those who broke the commandments of God and taught others to do the same. There are no rewards for you, just an eternal ill feeling that you will never see God, yes you will be on Earth by the New Jerusalem, but you will never partake of it. You will never walk the streets of gold, or eat the food therein. Your portion will be that which is thrown out of the city, it’s refuse. You will dine on thrown out food from the Holy City. That will be your main occupation, to find food and water in a dry and barren land. If there is an abundance of food inside the city, I question if there will be an abundance outside the city. That is your reward for disobeying God’s Holy Commandments. No, you don’t burn in tormenting flames, you are tormented for eternity for never being allowed into the Holy City.

This people group includes Christians who ‘accepted’ Jesus into their lives, but did nothing for him or his father. They sat like bumps on a log in their pews, listening to boring, unnecessary sermons, and caring only for themselves.

In the past five years, I have tried to argue, debate and enlighten Christians who feel somehow superior in their belief system. All I get in return is scoffing and mocking. I see this in Christianity and Islam and to a lesser degree, in Judaism. So, if people have a disregard for the Torah of God, we see that their judgment will be one of complete and utter shock and horror. They will never see God or experience his fellowship. Is this what you want? To reject Messiah who is the word (Torah) in the flesh? To refuse to honor his Holy Sabbath by not resting on it? Who believe in the lies of unholy holidays and who refuse to honor and respect God’s Feast days? Is this what you want?

I believe that the Christian Church leaders who knew the difference, but refused to tell their congregants the truth, will have an even worse fate than all others. I believe the radical Muslims who kill and destroy other people in the name of God will be there too. Jewish people who held onto their traditions and who elevated their man-made rules over the Torah of God, will also find themselves there.

There will only be two types of people that will be in the City of Jerusalem: The bride and the friends of the bride. Both people groups will be rewarded for several things: They fed the poor, took care of the widows and orphans, gave shelter to the homeless, took care of the sick, gave water to the thirsty, visited prisoners in jail and clothed the naked. They adhered to and taught others about God’s Holy Torah and prayed for others to come into the fold. These people forsook the gatherings in Churches, Mosques or Synagogues and all other religious assemblies, but chose the lonely path to find God on their own; without the filter of religion.

I don’t think that the worst life lived, or the most perilous times one could imagine on earth, could ever compare to what a person will experience having been forbidden to enter the Holy City of Jerusalem. It will be almost unbearable.

Father, please wake us from our slumber, restore our minds to sanity, heal our broken hearts and give us a passion for Messiah, who is the Torah.

Context, context, context!

A while ago I sent a good friend an excerpt from my book, Nathan and Abba. It’s called the Church chapter and it is quite a long chapter. In the Church chapter there is a reference to something that happened earlier in the book. My friend didn’t like or didn’t understand a certain part of the latter chapter because it was quite off the wall and if you didn’t know what happened in a previous chapter you would probably draw the same conclusion. If you didn’t know what happened in the previous chapter and just drew your conclusion from the latter chapter would you be representing me or misrepresenting me?

This is what’s wrong with the way we approach God’s Word. We are told to start reading somewhere near the end of the book, the Gospels, which doesn’t give a true depiction of what God wants his Children to know, or understand. Shouldn’t any book be read from the front cover to the back cover? How can you understand a movie if you come into the theater half way through it? You don’t know the plot, who the good guy is, who the bad guy is and so on. What’s even worse is when you latch on to something near the end of the book that you believe to be true, but have nothing from the front of the book to back it up. This process is known as taking something out of context. That is what happens when we base our beliefs in Scriptures at the end of the bible which alludes to something from the front of the book. If we omit what was already understood from the front of the book concerning a Scripture near the back of the book and we run with it, or try to make a doctrine out of it, we begin the process of misrepresenting God. It’s really that simple.

Go to the front of the Bible and read it through carefully and prayerfully. You don’t need anyone to teach you. God himself will teach you, Jesus said God would teach us all things.

The Reason For Every Season

The reason for every season.

All is still in Heaven
All is still on earth
At the time
Of Messiah’s birth

It didn’t happen
On this day
But long ago
That’s why I pray,

Dear Father heal us
And help us grow
So that the world
Will truly know

Why your son was sent
And left his home
To come to ours
So we wouldn’t roam

He wants us all
To come to him
To be so happy
Cause we’ve grow so dim

Our light is out
We just don’t care
That God the Father
Is everywhere

Father is waiting
Won’t you come
To receive the blessing
Of his only son

He’ll heal your hurts
And make you smile
He’ll go with you
That extra mile

Turn to him
While there is time
He wants that no one
To be left behind

Come to him
Warts and all
He died and bled
He took your fall

One thing I’ll leave you
One thing to know
That the Father’s love
Never grows cold.

Awakening Versus Revival

Awakening Versus Revival

Awakening…the process of coming to a real and true understanding of God and his Torah. Revival…conjuring up hype to prolong the inevitable: it’s dying. I know many believers who call themselves Christians are very proud to go by that title, but if we look at what is happening on the earth today we see that Christianity is in a state of decline. It’s not that the people have had the wool pulled over their eyes and are suddenly on a path to hell, no, they are tired of the status quo or the same old same old and they are leaving the Church in droves. I have heard many, many sermons or messages in my life, I have heard many Pastors go on for hours and hours trying to make a point or get a point across to a people who have literally fallen asleep or are struggling to keep awake during the preaching. In most cases it’s the converted speaking to the converted who don’t need a long winded message about a Pastor’s opinion that has little or no relevance to their lives whatsoever.

Going to a Church to hear a sermon or have a bible study does not necessarily mean the recipient is going to grow from what is presented. It’s like a mixed bag from a variety store, or as Forrest Gump puts it, you never know what you’re gonna get. Most of the sermons and teachings I have received from Pastors and other individuals have been sporadic in their flow. Very few  addressed the issue I had as a young man who grew up with domestic violence, an alcoholic father and divorce. I am grateful that I survived those things, but I didn’t receive my healing from a Church or Pastor. Instead, I had to search for the truth and do the work of forgiving those who had hurt me.

What does this have to do with revival versus awakening? The answer is everything. For those who have become disillusioned with modern day Christianity we see that such a system no longer suffices for the deep need we have for acceptance and love. I found in my 28 years of experience of Church and Synagogue attendance that there was little emphasis on actually healing the person and allowing them to grow as our Father would like them to grow. If they came into an assembly with lots of zeal it was usually squashed to the point where the new person became like the old: dull and boring.  There was a lot of control from the leadership which did not promote growth and exploration. Our Father in Heaven is so big and vast, yet we settled for boring and mundane services, preached by boring and mundane Pastors who treated the assembling of the brethren as a business, rather than a ministry.

So what is an awakening? How does this differ from revival? When a person experiences an awakening it will draw them closer to the Father. They will start to see things very differently than they did before. They will actually start to mature in their walk with the Father. They will see how Christianity will never be able to help them; this is true for Judaism as well as Islam. These three religions are just that, religions. Religion has no place in the Kingdom of our Father. An awakening in a person’s life enables them to see the truth: the truth of their existence, their purpose, what is really going on down here and who runs the show.

A revival is done under the premise of Christianity. It promotes this system of division and fizzles out in time, where as an awakening gathers momentum. I see revival as a corporate experience whereas an awakening is a very personal experience. The individual seeks to reach out to others and help them come to the place where they too, experience an awakening. A revival might  give you goose bumps, but an awakening will enable a person to take hold of their lives and experience true spiritual prosperity. A revival will excite a person into joining the crowd. An awakening may cause someone to go alone to find the few other like-minded people that exist.

Humanity has been in a state of deep sleep and has been sleeping for thousands of years. It was roused for a short time with the coming of Messiah, but went back to sleep with the emerging Roman Catholic Church. We have forgotten what life is truly about and how our Father in Heaven fits into the scheme of things, or more appropriately, how we fit into his scheme of things. He runs the show, we will answer to him, we will give an account to him. I fear for those who have made money hand-over-fist from preaching a false Gospel. Our Father cares much more about a person’s character development and happiness than what is thrown into the offering plate. It’s not about the money, rather, it’s about fostering love between all people, regardless of age, race or religious persuasion and I might add, sexual orientation.

An awakening brings about a new perspective on this whole issue of religion. When one sees religion for what it truly is they can no longer go back to it. What’s wrong with my religion? You may ask. Well as I stated, religion separates and divides. If I’m a Pentecostal, I don’t associate with the Baptists. If I’m Baptist I don’t associate with the Catholics and if I’m a Torah Observant Messianic Believer, I tend to look down my nose at those who know nothing of the Torah. That being said, a true awakening in a person’s life will bring them into right relationship with the Father and his Torah. For some reason the Jewish believers take great pride in advocating their traditions and in some cases elevate them above the Torah. In other cases they have put fences around the commands of the Father and have made these fences equal to or greater than the commandments of the Father. Christians, on the other hand, have taken some scriptures that speak of the commands of the Father and nullified them. The greatest fallacy being that they believe and teach that our Messiah nailed the Torah to the cross thus making it null and void. In Deuteronomy the Father commanded the people to neither add nor subtract from the Torah. Jews have added to the Torah while Christians have subtracted from the Torah, neither are correct ways to have a relation with our Father. We can’t nullify the commands and say we love the Messiah, nor can we say the commands also have man-made elements that must be adhered to. When Messiah stated, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” He did not have a New Testament on his possession; he was talking about the commands of Torah.

If you can relate to what I am writing here then you too may be experiencing an awakening. If you don’t understand what is written here, but have questions, you may find the answers to those questions will lead you to an awakening. If you desire to heckle or criticize then you are not ready to be awakened, and that is OK. Our Father is very patient, he can and will awaken us all to the reality of who he and his Messiah are and where we all stand in the scope of man and our supreme being Father.

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A Letter From Paul To The Church

P= Paul G=God

P: What is the most important thing we can do for you?
G: Love me with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.
P: What is the next most important thing we can do?
G: Love your neighbor the same way you would like to be loved. That means you treat them with respect, respect their dignity, be patient with them, love them in the same manner my Messiah loved people.
P: Is there a way to find out how to do this in greater detail?
G: Yes, there is. I have some outlines and rules that help people to have loving and happy lives.
P: Where are these rules?
G: They are found at the front of the Bible, I condensed my rules to a happy life in the first five books of the Bible.
P: How can these or any rules help us to be happy? I mean I’ve been told that we’re not under the law, but under grace, so how can a bunch of old, outdated rules make a person happy? I don’t get it.
G: Do you believe in gravity?
P: What do you mean, believe in gravity? I believe in God, what does gravity have to do with anything?
G: Well, what would happen if you walked off of the roof of a twelve story building?
P: I’d fall to the ground and probably die. What does this have to do with anything?
G: Paul, gravity has a law, and if you push the limits of that law or break it, you could wind up losing your life. Why? Because you didn’t heed the law of gravity.
P: OK, but that’s gravity. Everyone knows that if I drop a brick from three feet in the air, it will fall to the ground. That’s a given. But how does a law to make us happy, if broken, result in death? I mean we live under grace, not law, Messiah did away with the law, so, how can it matter now?
G: That is a mistaken belief, Paul. I will ask you to define for me what sin, grace and forgiveness mean?
P: That’s easy, sin is resisting God’s grace, grace is God’s unmerited favor, and forgiveness is what God’s Son offered to us when he died on the cross. We’ve been forgiven and now there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.
G: Your definitions are different from mine. Sin is the breaking of any Commandment that is outlined in the rules from the first five books of the Bible. Grace is My ability to forgive someone for breaking one of my Commandments and forgiveness is the transference of the death penalty from the person who sins to my Messiah.

P: But we’ve been taught that the Old Testament Commandments are just that, OLD.
G: Paul, think about this, why would I go through such detail and great lengths, as to define, teach, reiterate and reiterate, over and over rules that bring people life? You said you agreed that if you didn’t heed the law of gravity a person could die. There are physical laws that govern people on the planet and most people are aware of them and live their lives in accordance to them. The laws or rules in front of the Bible are Spiritual Laws and they govern the moral conduct of mankind. Without adherence to these Laws people become sick, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and in every other way.
P: But there are so many Commandments there, it would be impossible to do them on a daily basis? That’s insanity.
G: Have you ever received a speeding ticket?
P: Yes, a couple of times.
G: Why did you receive them?
P: Because I went over the speed limit.
G: Could it be said that there is a law for speeding limits and if you break that law, you are fined a penalty?
P: Yes.
G: Think about this, is breaking the law of speeding in the Bible, or any other man made law in modern society? In fact, any major city has more laws, ordinances and by laws than my Laws could ever hope to out number and most of the laws in a city are required for the successful running of that city. Now move to a state level, or country level, there are thousands and thousands of laws. I have a little over 600 laws of which many do not apply to modern people at this time. So, to be happy it does not require a person to keep copious amounts of My Laws.
P: So, you recommend learning the Laws that will make me happy?
G: Paul, it’s imperative that you learn them. Why do you think the world is spiraling downwards so quickly? It’s because mankind has forsaken my Commandments and are paying the penalty for doing so. Until they repent of their sin (breaking my Holy Commandments) they will never experience how life was meant to be lived, never.
P: Thank you, God. I think I’ll find out what it is you want me to do.
G: Don’t start at the middle or end of the Bible. If a good book is very popular, shouldn’t one start to read it from the beginning?