Welcome to my World

Hi: Welcome to Your Guide to a Happy Life. My name is Paul Moore and I created this site to be a resource to help people become happier in life. You can get by, sometimes, by forgetting about God and living your life without him. I found that having God in my life and being obedient to his Torah, loving … Read More

A Letter From Paul To The Church

P= Paul G=God P: What is the most important thing we can do for you? G: Love me with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. P: What is the next most important thing we can do? G: Love your neighbor the same way you would like to be loved. That means you treat them with respect, respect their dignity, … Read More

Alarming Interview With God

SO, GOD, HOW ARE YOU THESE DAYS? A conversation with my very down and depressed Father in Heaven. I did not expect this conversation to go this way, I am at a loss for words.   P = Paul G = God P: Good morning Abba, how are you this morning? G: About the same as we last talked. P: … Read More

Command, Commandment, Commandments, Law

The following are cherry picked Scriptures concerning four words: Command, Commandment, Commandments and Law, from the New Testament. When I read these four words, I understand it as them making reference to the Command, Commandment and Commandments from the Law/Torah/Instructions of the first five books of God’s Holy word. These are all New Testament Scriptures. If you feel that God … Read More

Why Are We So Angry?

ARE YOU AN ANGRY PERSON? IS YOUR RAGE CYCLICAL? DO YOU BLOW UP ON A REGULAR BASIS? If you are anything thing like most people, your formative years may have been very difficult. With each failure in life, you may have grown angrier and angrier until you had the reputation of being a hot head or someone to stay away … Read More


There is something on this planet that is extremely contagious. It’s more contagious than the common cold, AIDS, herpes, and Ebola all put together. This thing is so contagious that it can cost you everything in an instant. It starts as a thought in your mind and then progresses to an erroneous belief system and then finally, it’s end result … Read More

A thought on the Islam issue and waking up.

There were times when I watched a video about the Islamic way of life, beheading, cutting off women’s noses, bullying and all the other things that are written about in the Quran, that I would be filled with great anger and indignation towards my brothers and sisters in Islam. But, they are just that, my brothers and sisters.   The … Read More

God’s Thoughts About the Orlando Shootings

I asked God what he thought about the Orlando shootings, and this is what he said to me: “I love all people, gay or straight. I don’t like it when people show hatred against one another. Regardless if a person is gay or straight, many people on this planet are very sad and unhappy. The reason they are unhappy has … Read More

A Prophecy From God

To the members of the United States, to those in power, to those who have stolen power, to those who are about to be destroyed and that without remedy. You think that you can mock me with your lies and deceit forever? The axe is at the root and I am about to swing it. You will long for one … Read More

The Cry of the Poor

Here is a Scripture that caused a shift in the way I viewed the poor. It was spoken by our Messiah, Yeshua and what I perceived from his statement was that the cause or the cry of the poor was something I didn’t need to be concerned about. Here is the Scripture:  For ye have the poor always with you; … Read More